Help me remember a historical quote about the USA?

I can’t remember who said it or the exact words, but it went something like “America is a 21st century superpower that still thinks of itself as a 17th century frontier land” – the context being that the USA is one of the less modern developed countries in terms of its culture and social attitudes.

Hopefully I’m not butchering that quote TOO badly…

Rings a bell, I think it was some french dude in the 19th century.

Jeez, nobody tried to track it down for you even with my clue? Ok, go go google-fu.

Here’s another clue:
Thus, in 1901, Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson, a British writer, said in a letter from the United states to his friend, the novelist E.M. Forster: “The thing that rubbed into me in this country are 1) that the future of the world lies with America, and 2) that radically and essentially America is a barbarous country. The life of the spirit…is, not accidentally or temporarily, but inevitably and eternally killed in this country.”

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You’re serious, huh? You think people back in the 19th century were saying quotable stuff about America being a 21st century superpower? :dubious:

It sort of sounds like someone opinionating on a forum. A bit of exaggeration for effect.

Maybe Alexis de Tocqueville in his Democracy in America?

No, de Tocqueville wouldn’t have said America is a 21st century superpower. It has to be a fairly recent quote.

I did try to find it but I couldn’t.

I was presenting the Tocqueville quote as fitting this part of the OP

Obviously not a literal fit for the possibly misremembered “America is a 21st century superpower.”

Closest I know of is:

“America is the first country to have gone from barbarism to decadence without the usual intervening period of civilization.” - Oscar Wilde

Aren’t we in GQ? Why are you answering a question with a game?

The link goes to Hating America: A History, by Barry Rubin and Judith Colp Rubin.

It is not from a mainstream publication, but this quote from 2003, referring to the US in a commentary on Thanksgiving, seems to fit the bill:

***“Humanity cannot tolerate a 21st Century superpower, much of whose population perceives the world through the eyes of 17th Century land and flesh bandits. Yet that is the trick that fate has played on the globe.”

Although the quote is reprinted on various Websites, it seems to originate in the cover story of “The Black Commentator”, Nov 27, 2003, and is attributed to Glen Ford, who at the time was co-publisher of The Black Commentator.

Haha what a jerk. :smiley:

Yeah that’s who I was thinking of.

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