Help me save my aloe plant

I know I can get a new one, but this one has helped me over the years when I burnt myself, and I would like to save it.

Here’s the history of it:
1- 3 main ‘stalks’ in a small pot, plant does not get any larger, but when I cut it back (for using it for minor burns) it grows back fine.

2 - (2 yrs ago) Transplant it into a much larger pot. The dirt level was not as high as it was in the old pot. New growth started.

3 - (1.8 years ago) Someone tried to help it by splitting the 3 stalks into 3 separate plants so these were ‘ripped’ apart and put back in 3 separate sections in the larger pot. That person refused to admit it.

4 - (1.5yrs ago) Leaves (mainly the old large leaves) started to die off on some stalks. It seems like the roots ‘detached’ from the leave.

5 - (1.2 yrs ago) Stalk 1 of 3 died, new growth on stalks 2 and 3.

6 - (0.8 years ago) Repeat of #4 on stalk # 2

7 - (0.4 years ago) Stalk 2 of 3 died, new growth on stalk 3

8 - (0.2 years ago) filled soil to the top of the pot, hopefully to the level it was in the original pot, but it was so long ago.

9 - (present) Plant has 3 leaves, 2 old one new. There is some growth on the new leave, the old ones seem pretty static.

I usually water it lightly, maybe a 1/2 a shot glass every other day if the soil feels dry. Occasionally let the soil go totally dry (1/month) and sometimes let the soil get totally soaked (1/every other month).

Can this be saved?

Your plant should be fine, I can’t see anything you’ve done wrong, unless that new soil is causing the plant to rot because it’s holding moisture where the plant had grown used to being dry. Aloe aren’t usually that picky, unless the new soil is covering not just the roots but part of the stalks. I’d check that first.

Have you checked to see if there might be something in the soil? Build up of salts and/or other minerals? Sunlight and/or temps changed recently? Don’t give up hope, there may be babies coming up that haven’t surfaced yet.

What was that person thinking would happen if the plants were seperated? There would still be only three plants, just further apart. I’ve never noticed whether cutting the roots stimulated the formation of a new plant, but that might be what they were trying to do. My problem is finding new people to take all my extra aloes. I just hack them out by the armfull and there’s always tons of babies cropping up in no time. The rate of new plants isn’t different in the disturbed soil compared to undisturbed.