Help me save my crown of thorns plant

I bought a crown of thorns plant from a plant sale 3 weeks ago for $2. It was in sad shape when I got it, even though it is over a foot tall and densely branched. Most of its leaves had fallen off. The woman who sold it to me said it had been over watered, so not to water it for a few weeks. It still has very few leaves, though there is some new growth and a few new leaves have grown at the top of the plant.

Should I water it now? How often does it need to be watered and how much? Nowhere it my house gets much direct sunlight-- will that be a problem? Is there anything else I can do for it to make it perk up? Thanks.

The Euphorbia milii is an amazingly resilient plant. The best method for propagation is to cut a few stems off and leave them unpotted on a shelf for several weeks before planting. If you are concerned about root rot, maybe this would be a good time to create a backup plant. As to watering, the general rule for succulents is to let them dry out entirely between waterings. This may take a little poking around in the soil to determine, but you will soon develop a rhythm with the waterings and it will become easier. Euphorbias tend to prefer good light, but you can probably squeak by with lesser light, although this will lessen the likelihood of strong flowering. The flowers are neat and sticky and can be worn as earrings, BTW. Routine fertilizing at a medium rate will also help you to grow a nice plant. Watch out for the sap, it is rather irritating.