Help me shop for a new laptop

I need a new laptop. I’m perfectly capable of going out and getting something, but I’d like to be able to do some video editing. I know that takes a lot of horsepower, that’s why I need help.

I’d like to use the Corel VideoStudio. It has a list of system requirements on that page, here they are:

So, what I’m asking for is recommendations of laptops that will run this app for as reasonable of a price I can manage. Windows only, please. I can’t think of a group of folks that could do this better.

Tiger Direct is always my first recommendation for PCs. The last 5-6 computers I’ve bought have been refurbished from them and they have been excellent.

In case the link doesn’t work, use Products > Computers > Refurbished.
SKU 41677689 has been burning a hole in my pocket lately.

I don’t know much about laptops as I do anything important on my desktop, but if you’re not absolutely bound to Corel for some reason, check out Sony Vegas for about the same price. Also, recommend heading over to to ask about your laptop specs, Corel and what you’re planning to do. They’re very helpful there and very knowledgeable with some of the regulars, having/are working the video editing industry. I wont’t list names since I’m sure to miss some great posters. A tip is to look at at their join date, all the most trusted and knowledgeable members have been there for years. Ignore any post from babygdav. He/she just posts to see him/herself posting and just grabs and posts proven nonsense from the net.

What’s your budget? Are you looking for a small lightweight laptop or something larger?

There are many good laptops now with quad-core or even 6-core CPUs and discrete graphics for fairly reasonable prices. Here is a quad core i5 laptop, 14", 512GB SSD, GTX 1650, for $1200, as just one example.

Thanks for the responses, gang.

That falls into the upper end of what I’m expecting. $1500 at the very most.

Ha! There’s always one, isn’t there? Thanks for the tips.

May be worth looking at gaming laptops as well since they’ll have higher horsepower video cards generally and faster cpus. Then max out the RAM and an ssd if you’re looking at refurbs.

Yeah, I’m pretty sold on the Corel. First of all, it’s not a subscription. I hate that. It also seems to get good reviews and will do what I need it to, mostly edit videos of my bands for promotion purposes. As a contrast, all I’ve had is Windows Movie maker. Definitely limited.

iamthewalrus(:3=, thanks for the SSD tip. I think that does make a big difference.

Do you plan to do the editing on the laptop screen, or external display mostly? Trying to edit on a 15 inch screen is a lot more frustrating than a 17.

Vegas Movie Studio which is the equivalent of Corel VideoStudio is buy once, not subscription.

Hmm. And a good price, too. I didn’t see it on the website, does it do multi cam?

I don’t know much about video editing, but I do know that newer video transcoders like Handbrake use the GPU, and greatly benefit from a fast GPU.