Help me start cleaning business-with online references

I have a friend that has started his own industrial janitorial service (janitor in a large factory.) He is making money hand-over-fist, and I want to do the same. But, I am too cheap/thrifty/profit-oriented to pay cash to some anonymous start your own business URL since I don’t know any of them.
So, my question is: Can anyone direct me to a FREE website that can tell me how to make bid/offers and any contract pitfalls? Also, some actual tips that will help in the actual service, although I have done the grunt work in long years past, so I have a fairly good hold on what is needed.

I forgot to ad: a current book recommendation would be equally suitable.
Also, I can’t ask my friend: he would look off into the distance, speculate about whether I have the focus, and promise to get back to me…I think.

adD adD adD!

The Mother Lode. Your Tax Dollars At Work.

The starter pak.

For the more advanced user.

For the entrepreneur without a Y chromosome.

And if ya balk at paying long-distance phone fees to talk to a SBA wonk, there’s this.
Also, if ya wanna get a contract to mop the Gummint’s floors, there’s this.
And if you ever manage to get successful enough that you have actual employees, you’ll need this.

This may come off as overly simplistic but it’s certainly where I would start.

Copy whatever he is doing.

There is a big difference in textbook case studies and a personal friend with first hand knowledge in the industry you are interested in.

I wrote up a whole book report (and then deleted it), but instead I’ll just give you the name of the book I give to anyone thinking about starting their own business. “The E-Myth Revisited,” If you don’t want to buy it, I would suggest you go to Barnes and Noble and at least flip thought it. It’s quick reading (even for a REALLY slow reader like myself), I believe they also have it on tape/CD.

The Oklahoma Small Business Development Center has satellite offices throughout the state. They can help, also.

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