Help me study for a blood test

I have to get a blood test for cholesterol tomorrow, and I really hate having to fast. My cholesterol level ranges from 170-190 (high is over 200), so my doctor has me take a test every few months. I’m really sick and tired of her ceaseless nagging, so I was wondering what I could do to lower my cholesterol on the blood test.

For the past day or two, I’ve been avoiding fried meat and thick sauces/dressings. I also have been taking fiber tablets. Any other suggestions?

The purpose of the test is to find out what your cholesterol level is. The purpose is not to “pass” the test.

What’s the question here? It seems you want to cheat on a blood test. Then why bother in the first place? How long do they want you to fast? Whenever I have a cholesterol blood test I only need to fast 12 hours. BFD.

Are you just concerned about overall Cholesterol or also the individual numbers like “good” cholesterol and triglycerides? Good cholesterol can be tough to raise because of genetics, but exercise like walking/jogging/biking can help. Avoid Carbs and alcohol to lower triglycerides.

Cholesterol level ranges from 170-190 aren’t bad. Medications or red rice yeast can bring them down more. Don’t use either without a doctors supervision.

She wants you to keep getting tested because those tests can be off by 20 or more points in either direction. So you could indeed have high cholesterol, and it bears close watching.

If you don’t care what your cholesterol level truly is, why are you getting these tests? You hire your doctor, she can’t “nag” you to do anything you don’t want her to. Just tell her no, you don’t want to do another test. She may not think it’s a wise medical decision, but if you’re a sane adult, she can’t force you to do them.

Of course, she could refuse to be your doctor anymore, but it doesn’t sound like she’s the kind of doctor you want, anyhow.

If she has put you on drugs to lower your cholesterol, the point of the tests is probably not just to check your cholesterol levels, but also to screen for possible dangerous side effects of the drugs. There are many such drugs, and on the whole, they drugs work well, but not everybody responds well to all of them. Your doctor will need to know both whether the drug is effectively lowering your cholesterol, and whether it is having any harmful side effects. Then she will know whether it is necessary to switch you to a different drug that may work better for you.

If you are not on any such drug yet, and if, as you say, your levels are hovering just below the dangerous range, she is presumably anticipating that your levels will soon rise and you will need the drugs.

I have to take these regular blood tests too, and I do not like the fasting much either. However, if you get tested in the morning, fasting for 12 hours is not too bad. All it really means is skipping breakfast. (I think you will find that it is OK to drink water during the fast.)

Also, fasting for more than 14h can cause raised cholesterol levels. So, don’t do that.

  1. Exercise.
  2. If you smoke, stop.
  3. Exercise.

If you are just starting with some cholesterol medications you need the tests to make sure that your body is metabolizing the meds properly.

If there is nothing else going on with you health wise and your doctor is making you come in every two months just to measure your cholesterol then she is padding her bill and you need to say no. You don’t need a test every two months when you are already shown to be in a healthy range unless something else is going on, like either you have other conditions or maybe your doctor just needs to make her yacht payments. IMO.