Help me to find a decent English to Nepali audio translator/dictionary

I am working with a Nepalese lady at the moment who speaks little English and is not literate in her own language. We are managing but sometimes it would be useful to have something like a speaking dictionary in order to avoid confusion. The poor darling has some serious anxiety issues and gets upset if she does not understand (this happens a lot of course :()
I would prefer something that would work on my phone - internet or app and I am willing to pay. I have tried a few things so far but they are all - translate English into Nepali text and then audio of the English but no Nepali. I want to type in an English word and have audio of it in Nepali instead.
Unfortunately there is not speech output available in this language in Google translate which sucks because that’s what I use for all my other learners.

Any help would be appreciated because my Google fu has Google failed.

Nepali may be difficult, but you could try looking for Hindi. Most Nepalese will understand Hindi. Better than English at any rate, since the languages are similar.

Ok I will try that