Help me to welcome babygirl

I would apologize for the tidal wave of nerdiness which is greeting your arrival here, but…you’re already married to a Doper, so I can only imagine you were prepared. :smiley:


Well,you’ve gotta hold this 40 pound bag of squid chow and head to room 303. That room shouldn’t smell like freshly shaved gorilla anymore.

Someone got the special straws for the felching ceremony? RoboGoat is in the hallway, so we can just wheel it in halfway through the “services”.

Man, the goat stains came out pretty easily, with just some Clorox Clean-Up, but the squid left a mess even Oxy Clean wouldn’t get out. So we’re using room 305 this time.

Welcome, babygirl!

Well congratulations Babygirl ! Welcome to the Dope. That’s a fine man you have there. A beacon of courage and integrity. I hope you two are as happy as can be. Peace be with you~

Howdy- do!

Hey, she’s babygirl, not Batman! :stuck_out_tongue:

And, of course, she deserves a welcome to the boards. Crank up Rio by Duran Duran…

Oddly enough we met working togther at Mickey D’s way back in 1996 or 1997. We went back and forth asking each other out and rejecting each other, then finally one day I believe I just would not leave his house. We got married Aug of 1998. SSG Schwartz can correct me if I am wrong.

I cant carry the 40 pound of squid chow and the elevator is broken. So could someone please help me in the lobby.

I respectfully request the right to post a correct version of the annotated thread at some time in the future.

Don’t beat me babygirl :wink:

SSG Schwartz

but you might like the wooping I give ya. :wink:



My age!

w00t! Be still my beating heart.


::grumble grumble:: welcome aboard!

You’re a big girl. You…you’re fine. All you hafta do is just…drag it within…oh…tentacle’s reach 15 feet of the door and you might as well be there.
Hang in there, champ.

Um. Can you hold your breath for a long time?