Help me to welcome babygirl

She is only three feet from me so, be nice.
Hide the goat
It took a year of lurking for her to join and a Pogo membership from me before she agreed to try it. So can we put on the party hats for a special guest?

I present babygirl.

SSG Schwartz

Welcome aboard! Beware of the snark, it stains :wink:

– IG

Um, is she on your staff, sergeant?

(Never mind. I did not say that. No, I didn’t. Shut up.)

Welcome, babygirl, whatever your position!

Thank you for the welcoming to the dopers.
mrs. Sgt. Swartz :slight_smile:

phouka, there is always room on the staff for one more. :wink: :wink:

SSG Schwartz

Tell us a little about yourself, and welcome!

Also, bring pie.

But, can you carry a dozen donuts and a cup of coffee? :slight_smile:

You askin’ me? Because I can carry a dozen doughnuts and two cups of coffee. Don’t ask about the hairs on the last three though.

SSG Schwartz

I am 5’4, Blonde highlights, a full time college student, a lot of my free time (if I have any) I play games on the computer, and happily married to Ssg Schwartz for the past 9 years :slight_smile:

Welcome to the boards! smooch Have a cocktail, here’s a party hat, mind the stray tentacles and just step over here on this big red ‘X’…

Hi and welcome to the weirdness!

Did someone prep Room 303? I think the goat left a mess in there last time.

Welcome :slight_smile: Help yourself to a beverage of choice and relax. It’ll be over soon…

My idiot brain served this up as “mind the stray testicles”.

Now I must go and bang my head against the wall like Dobby the House Elf…

Ok, so Sgt Schwarz is on babygirl’s staff… right?

Glad to have you here :slight_smile: We’re your friendly internet resource for flirting, giant squids, answers, philosophical discussion and the occasional human BBQ.

Hey, she gets to see her hubby getting pitted! What a rare treat. (Well, rare for some.)

Hello babygirl. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:

Sounds like an excellent new member. Where do we send the recruiting bonus, SSG?

I accept PayPal, FirePay, and cash. The bonus will be sent to my e-mail address or placed under the mat at my front door. If cash is used, unmarked 10’s and 20’s.

FTR, babygirl, is on my staff, not the other way. :stuck_out_tongue:

SSG Schwartz

Welcome, babygirl.

Is she on your schwartz? :smiley:

So tell us, wher’d yalls meet?

(In my seldom used southern drawl)