Hi, my name is PussyCow, and I'm a Doper

Hi! I just made the payment for my one year subscription.
Does it say Charter Member? Oh boy!
I’ve been trying it out for a month and I have to say I’m really impressed by you all. A bunch of bright people, a bunch of nice people, and some of you are both! :wink:

I hope I can meet the requirements to be a good Doper. Hope I don’t put my foot in my mouth (at least any more than I already have). Look forward to learning lots and sharing thoughts with you all.

If you want a good deal…

Welcome aboard.

I’d like to think I’m a nice doper. As for bright, forget it.
With a dopername, and first post like that I am confident you’ll fit in.
Welcome to membership!

I find I lurk much more than I post. I, too, suffer from foot in mouth syndrome.
But every now and then I just have to say something…

like now :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!

Always good to have another vic…er…associate!

You haven’t seen a goat around here, have you?

Hi PussyCow! Welcome to the board. I think you’d mentioned elsewhere that you’re another one of us geodoggies. I’m a geophysicist, and there’s a couple or so geologists that meander in and out.

Of course, I’m only a lowly Member; not like one of you Charter Members.

Hey hey! Good to have ya!

Don’t let the initiation rituals scare you off. :wink:

Oh boy! What wonderful welcomes.
Initiations? Am I gonna be hazed? I sure hope so.

Hey Ringo! I am a geologist! As a matter of fact I’m a Lunatic. You’re in Houston, eh? JSC? LPI? Or are you in oil? Houston is where I want to live and have a permanent career.

Another initiation? Jeez…we’ve barely cleaned up the last one! I thought we’d never catch that stupid goat.

PussyCow, welcome! I hope your shot record is up to date. Did you remember to bring the olive oil?

Questions for the newbie:

  1. Is it true that the only mode of transportation allowed in Bloomington, other than walking, is a bicycle?

  2. Are you now or have you ever been a member of David Letterman’s family?

  3. Can you say “Ball State” with a straight face?

  4. How many times have you seen Hoosiers

  5. What famous composer was born in Peru, Indiana?

  6. Name a famous comedian from Indiana who had a son who was (is?) an actor on General Hospital.

  7. What famous sexocologists are associated with IU?

  8. What building on the IU campus is sinking under its own weight?

  9. What is a coldfire?

  10. Where would you live if you had a choice?

  11. Will you be my special friend?

Kittys love milk?

Timid bovine?

Something horrible?

What gives?

Also, welcome.

I’ve come to enjoy the taste of my feet, you get used to it, then it kinda grows on you. I married a geologist. Yummy!

Welcome, the more the merrier.

Welcome! Glad you decided to stay. (But you must know that if you don’t put your foot in your mouth, at least occasionally, you can’t qualify as a true Doper!) :smiley:

Hello there, sure would like to wrangle up some of that. The irony is delicious.

“Eat more chicken than any man ever seen!!”
Howlin’ Wolf/James Douglas Morrison

Welcome Pussycow! I liked your posts and got kinda worried when you stayed a guest so actively and long without signing up.

Does the system allow you to add the posts you made as guest to your post-count?

Welcome Pussycow - and yes, you must provide context/an explanation for your username. It is part of our secret initiation rites…

Did Paul Frank have anything to do with your username PussyCow? Or pure coincidence? My GF has a pajama top with one on!

Be welcome. Enjoy your stay.

I sure hope so, because Pussycow’s at 115 posts. Which, for one day, is a lot of posts…