Not yet a doper but working on it!

Hi everyone,

    I've been reading the SDMB for almost two years now and finally joined as a guest. I'm much more of a reader than a poster but figured it was worth a try. Even though I have been watching from the sidelines I've been here for boil threads, penis ensues, latex division-all that stuff. As of today I have 30 glorious days to spend with you folks and I look forward to it!

                                                Cha Cha Heels

Welcome! :slight_smile:

if they get you with the goat thing, could you let me know what it means ?


Thanks Celyn!
Well I’m guessing the goat won’t be mentioned until I pay my dues so if I decide to join and I survive it, i’ll let you know!

You know you want to join us. You know you want to be a Doper. You know, and yet you won’t commit - why is that, I wonder??

Welcome anyway.


Well I just got out of a long relationship with another message board and…

I’m sure I will join I just want to dip my feet in first!

Well, I certainly won’t dip my feet in you: nice girls don’t wear ChaChaHeels!

I hate you and I hate Christmas!

Hey, maybe we should think twice before giving this newbie the goat treatment – after all, if we mess around with her, we won’t know what to do. Maybe she’ll kill and skin the goat, then use the leather for a new pair of ChaChaHeels