My First, Uh, I Mean, My TENTH Post!

Just wavin’ a big ol’ hi-howdy to all and sundry. I’ve been lurking for quite some time (mostly in Cafe Society and the BBQ Pit), and only just recently took the plunge and subscribed. I have expanded my regular reading to this particular forum, and am working my way up to keeping abreast of all of them.

For the record, I officially joined because I found the community of Dopers to be an overwhelmingly positive environment. You know who you are, so take a bow. Even the ‘bad apples’ give one an opportunity to either examine one’s own beliefs and knowledge or to practice restraint in social interaction. In short, I have come Home.

On to Post #11

/Norma Desmond singing voice/: I’ve come hooooooooooooooome at last.

Welcome aboard.

More goats! We need more goats! :smiley:

Yes, won’t someone please fetch the goats???

Welcome, tripthicket!

I’ll contribut the goats that were…umm…given to me for admitting I didn’t get them initially. But I’m keeping my calamari.

It’s been ten hours now. That must be one long post.

  • sniggers

He said “breast”!

Welcome aboard! Enjoy yourself. Have you paid the secondary members fee?
No? Well, contact me and I’ll give you the paypal address to send the money to.

How much do you earn, btw? :wink:

Hi tripthicket. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Welcome, tripthicket!

To learn how not to be scammed be people like Keapon Laffin, just send a large amount of money to me. :wink: