I thought I was a newbie, but Noooo!

Last night I decided to leave lurkerdom and finally join the Straight Dope. I entered my e-mail addy, and all the other info, and clicked sumbit. I don’t remember what the message that popped up said, but basically the addy had already subscribed to the Dope.

My reaction was :confused: , I don’t remember joining, and i certainly don’t remember starting a thread. Apparently I was googling Mojo, tried to comment on it, and goofed it up.

Since I never gooof things up :smiley: I don’t know what was wrong with my 'puter.

Anyway, here I am whether you guys are ready or not!


Sounds like a glitch in the server–looks like you made it through all right :wink: Welcome aboard! snogs

Now, are you ready for… the initiation?

Initiation? I don’t need no steenkin’ initiation! Besides, I like goats. Barbecued goats, that is. Mmmmm…cabrito. Calamari, not so much.

Kytheria, there is no way I can keeo up with your post count! You go girl!


Awwww, in’nt that cute…he thinks he’s got a choice in the matter!

<tackles sneezy, trusses 'em up, sets RGmVI to “PowerFelch” mode>

Hal honey, hates to break it to ya, but I’m female! As for RGmVI, BRING IT ON! It is no match for my West Texas Nucular Cattle Prod!

Uh oh, Hal. Look at sneezy5660’s join date vs. yours. Since his join date is earlier, doesn’t the RGmVI’s auto-initialization software seek the newest member present?

If I was you, I’d run.

That…ain’t…the end…that the squid is…involved with, sneezy.

Bosda, did you ever see a really bad movie called, Grim Prarie Tales? One of the episodes involved a woman who, if someone had sex with her, she ate him! From that end! Just sayin is all.

I’m sorry, I just had to laugh at “PowerFelch”! Someone please take that as a doper name.

Repeat after me: Quality over quantity. Post counts aren’t really a big deal to most people.

Yes, you might say Kyth’s post count dwarfs sneezy’s…

However, when RoboGoat Mark VI’s newest vict … er, associate … reaches post #5660, her screen name will include her post count! None of us all-alpha, no-numeric members can say that about ourselves…

Welcome, sneezy5660!

Dang Sternvogel, appararently I need more sleep, because I had to read your message twice before I got the dwarf joke! I think I’m getting a cold, and the only way I can sleep is sitting up in the recliner.

Actually I didn’t pick the name for the dwarf, I have bad allergies, and I sneeze all the time! Usually 10-12 times in a row! Think I’ll head for the recliner now. Night!

:: sploosh ::

:: a quick flash of tentacular motion ::

:: bubbles ::

:: Sunspace went out the other door in the squid room and hasn’t been seen for a while. Mariah is getting restless ::

:: Sunspace enters the room, accompanied by Feydeau ::

I’m back.

There’s some pretty weird stuff going on downstairs. Daithi Lacha went through a door nad hasn’t come back yet.

So… um… how’s the squid?

Oh, and welcome, sneezy5660. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

wheels in the trebuchet, hands sneezy a shower cap


You forgot the 55 Gallon drum of Canola Oil…


I got the canola oil, I knew we had left it in PA the last time we did an initiation.

Hi all, I’m finally back. My pesky “real life” interfered, and I had errands to run. I had to ride the bus to do them, so it took a little longer.

Shower caps, canola oil, and trebuchets? I don’t recall this in the membership agreement. I think since I really joined in 2003, I shouldn’t get an initiation. isn’t there a statute of limitations on these things? I believe so!

Mariah the squid should be allright as long as she doesn’t start singing! :smiley: