I can't believe I'm doing this

Well…here’s another sign my world is changing.

After a shamefully long time as a lurker, I’ve decided to join up and subscribe. I’ve seen this done so many times before, but never thought it’d be me.

Hola, todo el mundo.

Hey Daniel!

Welcome to the other side.

Think of it in a "Dear Penthouse"kind-of way…

Hi, welcome to the weirdness. :smiley:

The life you save may be your own.

Or maybe you’ll die of apoplexy.

But did you bring pie?

Oooh, oooh, can I get the goat?

And what made you do it? Sudden urge to post in a particular thread? Or just tired of being on the sidelines?



Only a few minutes in, and more “welcomes” than I expected. Thank you.

With all the new power of the Dope clearly going to my head, I’m flying through looking for those threads read earlier, thinking, "Now I can respond and voice my thoughts, " but I notice something interesting: I’ve been only reading so long, it’s gonna take a while to break that habit of simply going “Eh, do I really want to respond to all of them? No worries, someone else’ll say what I’m thinking. Moving on.”

Yeah, that’s going to get broken quickly.

Welcome. Seeing as how you haven’t already posted a thread about Jesus saving us all, complaining that UFOs are given short shrift, speaking about some other axe to grind, or generally being vulgar or obnoxious, I think you have a bright future as a paying member. Good on you!

What’s a Sug?

I thought we switched it to squid.

Why am I always the last to know?


Apparently, “Sugar” has already been taken by someone else. :dubious: So I decided to shorten it. Think “Shoog.”

What brought me out? Nothing other than not wanting to be on the sidelines anymore. (good way of putting that, thank you)

There are squid involved, but the goat’s traditional. Besides, when we discussed eliminating it, the Caprine Anti-Defamation Society threatened to shut us down.


I like your username. Sug. You’re a guy, right? Just checking.

If you’re not a guy, then are you a hot babe? Never can be too sure.

I vote that you change your user name to Daniel “Sug” Knight. People won’t disagree with you unless they’d like to be dangled from a balcony.
Also, welcome!

Wait, so is Daniel a hot chick or a big scary black guy?

(I’m so confused)

Howdy! Now that you can read and post and search, you have just sacrificed what was left of your personal life to teh internets.

Welcome to the Dark Side, young Padawan!