Heh welcome wagon's broke I guess

Well I’d like to take my 100th post and ask where the heck is it? When I first started posting here I wondered how long it would take before I got the standard “Oh and welcome to the SDMB” but it seems I flew in under the radar. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say so far it’s been fun when I first started lurking here I was mildly intimidated (I mostly lurked in general questions and great debates) Needless to say I saw dozens if not hundreds of posters way smarter then me making the arguments I’d make (only with fewer spelling/grammar errors then I would) so I wondered if I had anything to contribute.

But now I’ve had enough people engage me in discussion (mostly in a positive light) to feel my presence here is at least noticed and somewhat enjoyed. Though I still plan to stay away from posting in great debates I find ‘me too’ posters in debates annoying.

questions? Comments? Fruit baskets? (and if you’re a newbie feel free to request your own welcome wagon in this thread maybe if we’re all in the same place they can get us all at once :D)

Obviously, you failed to read the small print on the membership agreement!

Your choice: Either send money or post a link to nekked pictures of yourself.

Your Official Membership Certificate**[sup]TM**[/sup], secret decoder ring and admission ticket to the welcome wagon will be in the next snail mail. :smiley:

Oh yeah: WELCOME Darkhold!

You’ve been a member for a month and already have 100 posts? Obviously I’m not spending enough time here. Oh and don’t feel bad…I didn’t get a welcome wagon either. I’m not bitter…much.

So I shall be your welcome wagon! Welcome! From one newbie to another! The bathrooms are to the left, no shoving, or you will be banned.

Oh and be careful about the “lol’s”…they are not tolerated here.

Did you just call me a Fruit Basket? :mad:

Is it because I didn’t welcome ya? Huh? Is it?
Or is it because you think I’m … well … a fruit basket?

you’re another one! four months and you already have 619 posts? I’m such a slacker…


I’d post the nekked pictures but I don’t want to intimidate the men and scare the ladies. (and I mean that in both the good and the bad ways.)

I am posting here to make people feel better.


fruit basket? Indeed not. I was merely positing my faith in the accuracy of alien beam me up rays. If they missed you they did it on purpose. :wink:

Oh and welcome to you as well WomanofScorn, Though I have to say your low post count should be regarded as a badge of honor get out before the addiction sinks in.

There are bathrooms here ?!?! :eek:

Thank heavens!! WHEW!!! I’m about to bust!!!

Oh, and BTW, a hearty WELCOME to ya, Darkhold! :smiley:

shyly raises hand

I am a newbie as well…Well newbie to posting. Longtime lurker here, just recently started posting. Still a bit timid to just jump right in there, but having fun all the same.

Welcome darkhold and womanofscorn may you have as much fun as I!!

Quietly goes back to lurking

Aww I feel all warm and goey inside.

hey peritrochoid…how in God’s name do you pronounce that? I had to scroll up like five times just to spell it.

Ooooh…this feels like a newbie thread. I like it!

hmm … good question … the peri is pretty easy … here’s the trochoid part … or you could just call me Rocky. :slight_smile:

And welcome to the boards, WomanofScorn and store-clerk-slacker (that name reminds me of the movie Go)! Enjoy your stay and the resulting addiction!

Stop your whining. My welcome was being picked apart piece by piece by dogsbody in my first post.

Good job at picking that up peritrochoid is in fact in reference to that movie and one of my all time favs Clerks

Ironically I am a Video store clerk…and yep my attitude is the same :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome…is much appreciated


Gee thanks for dropping by. If you’ll take a notice all of this has been lighthearted with a humorous slant. But of course you’re bitter and see it as whining. Ahh well have an apple as I retroactively welcome you to the board.


Newbie thread? Does this mean 1920’s death rays,
Og smash and
3. Hi Opal, is forbidden to say here?

(though deep down I wish my Ouija Boars typo had caught on and replaced the death ray)

For a real welcome join us in the virtual hot tub.

And a big hi to all the fellow newbies.

I tracked one down, caught him, and fried him up right nice. Tasted like country ham … supernatural country ham. :smiley:

Word to the wise:

When people make posts about spewing a tasty beverage all over their monitors…

They’re NOT talking about giant lizards.

Just FYI.

well then ** j_sum1** I’m OMW…and I’ll bring some beer:D