Welcome to the quietgirl!


It is my extreme pleasure to introduce my girlfriend, newly registered: quietgirldownthehall.

(It’s from a poem.)

Just don’t expect her to say much.

Hi, quietgirl!

Hi. I’m going to lurk forever now.


(My name is from a shampoo bottle)

And wasn’t that moving!

She just smacked me. Ouch.

(We’re trading off on the computer.)

Suave, I notice that you are also new. Hi. handshake. I’m andygirl.

Hiya quietgirl! Don’t lurk too much, now. We don’t bite! :slight_smile:

Welcome, quietgirl and Suave!

No need to lurk overly quiet-one. We’re a funloving bunch for the most part and easy to get along with: Just agree with everything AudreyK says.

Hope to see that post count reach doubel figures one day.


quietgirl, watch out for that dpr character. He’s quite a charming fellow, and we all know that the charmers are the dangerous ones. :smiley:

Hi to you too, Suave. Sorry I didn’t say hello before. BTW, I love your shampoos and conditioners, especially the Daily Clarifying formula. :slight_smile:

**Yeah watch out for that dpr character!!! ** He attempts to type too quickly too often and as such has been know to mispell even simple words in his posts because he doesn’t proof them.

(see? just agree with Audrey)

And welcome to you too Suave. See above rule.

Still, we love him anyway. Especially since he has a penchant for Supergirl costumes. :wink: That’s so cute!


Yeah, but he is such a darling man that no one complains.


Oh, and welcome to quietgirl and Suave-hope you enjoy a wonderful stay!


Ooh! Lesbians! Do you answer questions? Do you really gett off on sucking dildos? And is it dildos or dildoes? And is Janet Reno gay? What about Dr. Laura? Are all college girls secretly gay like the stories all say? How much do you think it would take to not only make them gay but also make them let me get pictures of it?

::runs away dodging rocks::

If you can’t go to double figures, go double that figure and post a second time.

<welcoming phaser on wide beam>

Hi, everyone. Nice ta meetcha.

<attempts to put welcoming phaser back in holster. manages to shoot self in foot instead. hobbles away muttering to himself.>

Howdy quietgirl and Suave.

Lurk all you want. We’re here if you want to start talking.

Surgoshan, to answer your questions:

Doesn’t everyone, depends on the context, yes, yes, dear goddess yes, and if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Oh, and beware of falling objects. :wink:

Quietgirl says hello via the phone, and also that she’s happy with her post count. I love her, but she’s odd.

Now, hon, how many times have I told you not to walk around with a gun in your pocket? Oh, it’s NOT a gun…okay then.

Come on over here and I’ll see if I can’t kiss your boo boo and make it all better.


Kiss boo boo? No, that’s bratman not mysterEcks.

Though he DOES look pleased to see you…