Welcome to the quietgirl!

Yes, but remember it is just a welcoming phaser.

And on second thought, for a phaser wound we would be better off calling in Dr. McCoy. Better yet, what was that nurse’s name?

And what a welcome it might be…

I thought he’d be more of a TNG fan, so wouldn’t he get Beverley Crusher or a hologram?

Dr. Crusher-

a Doctor AND a woman!

Great idea, darlin’-

“Number One, please call Dr. Crusher to this thread.”

Hello everybody!

There. You’ve all been officially greeted by me. You may now put that in your sig–“One of only 10 posters personally welcomed by Gunslinger.”

Welcome quietgirl and Suave. Have a nice day.

Scotticher: Pleeeeasekiss my boo boo! That would make it feel muchbetter while I’m waiting for Dr. Crusher. I’d really appreciate–yikes! Dammit, dpr, get that bald hologram outta here!

Don’t mind Surgoshan, he’s a run and hit kinda guy.

< giggle >

Now don’t get too excited, hon-

Please to remember that your “boo boo” is on your foot.


Scotticher said:

Hey, I’m desperate enough to take my cheap thrills where I can get 'em.

(Gives MysterE a hug and hands him a Rocky and Bullwinkle bandaid)

<sigh> Some guys get flirted with. I get a Rocky and Bullwinkle Bandaid. I should just go join that monastery and be done with it.

Boy, quietgirldownthehall sure is…quiet.

Dear quietgirl.

I’m Anthracite - or Una - another lesbian on this board. Also known as “the one that keeps annoying andygirl”.

I’ve read andygirl’s accounts of your relationship and how you have dealt with a few obstacles in your lives. I sincerely hope that the two of you will continue to fight to be together, and be able to manage both your families and your possible temporary separation when andygirl goes to College. It sounds like the two of you have been very brave thus far, and have built something very special. Your story touches even my dry, old heart.

Anyway, I hope you stick around and join us.


PS - my SIG was written by another lesbian. :slight_smile:

Welcome quietgirldownthehall… (Although what i asked God for was a loud screamer next door… guess that’s what i get for being a hethen Buddhist ;))

(PSSST-Thanks for not telling anyone about the little nip on the earlobe that accompanied the hug. It is so sweet of you to protect my reputation!)

Scotti :smiley:

I should mention that quietgirl doesn’t have internet access at her house, so she only can access the boards from my place or at the school library. I’m talking to her on the phone atm, tho, and she says hi to everyone. :slight_smile:
(I suppose that you could say that I’m the voice in the relationship… trust me, she’s just not much for talking. I, conversely, never shut up.)

Someone ICQed me asking what poem her nick came from. So… here it is.

In the Counselor’s Waiting Room
by Bettie Sellers

The terra cotta girl
with the big flat farm feet
traces furrows in the rug
with her toes,
reads an existentialist paperback
from psychology class,
finds no ease there
from the guilt of loving
the quiet girl down the hall.
Their home soil has seen to this visit,
their Baptist mothers,
who weep for the waste of sturdy hips
ripe for grandchildren.

Anyway. Lord… she’s just informed me that I will never see the day that her post count goes above ten.

Some people are more eloquent in their silence than the rest of us are with our words.

That is WAY too profound for me to have thought it up, so I must have heard it somewhere or other-

Scotticher said:

I thought that was an unspoken warning to leave you alone–I had to have my earlobe surgically reattached, after all.

(And then there were all those smartasses at the emergency room. “Vincent, is that you?” “You wanna paint my picture, big guy?” “Ear today, gone tomorrow!” “Is it a starry starry night?” People are just plain cruel.)

Sheesh, hon, and you wonder why no one will flirt with you?

[sub]muttering about flirting with MisterE again when snow falls in Bermuda[/sub]

However, I DID like the “Ear today, gone tommorow” line.


Feh…they don’t anyway. That’s why I’m joining that monastery. (Well, ok, they produce wine, too. I have a strange urge to be a drunk-as-a-skunk monk.)

My personal favorite was the “starry starry night” line…but I suspect only those old enough to be president will recognize the referrence.

What makes you think I’m not?