...And you are?

Ever get the feeling that nobody knows who you are on this great big board of ours? Ever feel overshadowed by the posting giants like Eve, Bosda, Qadgop, et al? The feeling that stating your username at a Dopefest will merely conjure up blank stares?

Then take the chance to reintroduce yourself to the Boards.

For example, I’m TheOnlySaneOne. I’ve been around for the last three years, nothing all that noteworthy in my realm of posting. Mainly, I’m just around for the occaisional addition to a poll in IMHO or a wisecrack in MPSIMS.

So who are you?

Yep, I’ve half heartedly committed to the Gettysburg Dopefest, but I already have visions of meeting people, and them saying, “Phall0106? Are you new to the boards?”

Or, worse yet, “Oh, Phall0106. Yeah, I know you.” <snub>

I’m Hal. Don’t believe anything you read in any of my posts, and you’ll be just fine.

Hi, I’m lno. I coast on former glories and rarely post anything of use any more.

You damn kids, ruining my board…

I get that feeling. I’ve been here for two or three years (even I don’t know who I am!), have never been to a DopeFest, and have only met one other Doper, but I know most people come up blank when it comes to recalling who I am.
I don’t get in big fights in GD, and have never been Pitted. Maybe that’s it. I need to be Pitted.

I am Silenus. The description is off a bit…I’m not that hairy.

Any other questions, puny mortal? :smiley:

I once opened a thread to celebrate my own existence and let everyone know just how great I think I am. It received three responses and was closed within 48 hours. Ah, well. You can’t blame a guy for trying, can you?

Also, in case anyone wants to see some pix:

Oooohhhhh…are you saying that your physical appearance resembles that of God? :wink:

Wait…fat, bald, hairy and drunk? Nevermind. :dubious:

Hey! So I’m not a size 8 anymore. I have lost ten pounds this year!

I know you. I remember seeing your picture and, boy, were you hot. And then I read in the teenage boy thread you’re really, really young. It was like the Nick Cannon fiasco all over again. Except with no restraining order…

I’m a Little Nobody on this board. Works for me. I came here from a board where I was a Big Somebody (and a Moderator). An immense amount of unpleasantness accompanied my lofty status.

I’m glad I’m not most people. :wink:

I’ve been Pitted, but the Pitter has been banned since then. I’ve been to a Dopefest, where I met the wonderful FairyChatMom. I also met Karl Grenze and g8rguy, but I haven’t seen them around much lately.

I think there’s the Stars, then there’s the little cliques of the Dopers who have something in common and post in similar threads. I’ve exchanged some offline e-mails with some of the Dopers.

I am totally unobtrusive. I post little fluffy bits when I’m moved by my inconsequential muse, and I sometimes hang out in discussions of Christianity. (Since I’m not as well-learned or well-spoken as folks like Polycarp and others, I tend to lurk even when I post.)

Well…Buddha. :smiley:

I’m just here. I rarely post and when I do it’s just on a whim(or because of to many beers). I read pretty much daily though.

I’m Happy Scrappy Hero Pup.

If you don’t like evil ex-girlfriends, stringent defense of Catholicism, or titanic rants about trivial things, then you have no idea who I am.

What’s funny is that many of the folks in this thread who claim to be unobtrusive are posters who are incredibly familiar to me. Maybe that makes me well-acquainted with the so-called lesser-knowns, but so be it.

I went to a Dopefest once. I just realized that about half the people who were there no longer post on the boards. I try not to take that personally.

And Rufus Xavier, I checked out your thread. You threw up in your MIL’s purse?!

Hi, I’m featherlou. I’m working on having the most posts and sticking around a long time without actually becoming a well-known poster. It’s working out very nicely, so far. I did go to a recent Calgary Dopefest, and it was much fun meeting and talking to other Dopers. It seems like people who hang around here really do have a lot in common.

Yanceylebeef here…let’s see, a little about me…
I think I have the lowest post count for the longest membership on the boards, but I could be wrong.
I’m an exiled Northwesterner living in Colorado, a scooterist (64 Vespa GL) and aging punk.
Civil servant, Veteran, Democrat, Gemini, unrepentant MST3K fan, favorite colour is blue and I’m still not really sure what my fiance see’s in me, but I’m glad she see’s something.


Odinoneeye. (Named for a god, who like me, gained wisdom when losing an eye)

I mostly post in Cafe Society so the BSG, Lost and Simpson’s people should know my name.

I make the occasional wisecrack, but rarely anything significant.

I’ve been to one small Detroit Dopefest, met Brynda, RickQ, Atreyu and Tsarina.