Which dopers do you "know", and what do you know about them?

I’ve been enjoying this thread about how popular or well-known we think we are on the board. I haven’t responded or voted, though. As Mean Old Lady asked: How the hell should I know? But Really Not All That Bright posted a great response:

So I want to see your flashcards. What names do you recognize, and what is your mental shorthand for them? I’ll come back and post some of my own later on.

Obviously, I wouldn’t spill anything I know about Dopers because of stuff they told me IRL, in emails, or in PMs, if I thought that stuff was said with some expectation of privacy! But I have been privileged to have RL (DopeFest, mainly) contacts with a number of Dopers, plus email relationships, PM exchanges with, and in at least one case, an email-exchange-leading-to-a RL meeting, with a number of Dopers.

I could give the “straight dope” on some of them if you wish. My one fear is that I’m certain I’ll leave out some that I’ve met IRL and then they’ll feel (maybe) that I’ve left them out because I didn’t like them or didn’t notice them, which wouldn’t be the case at all. It’s just that I’m old. . .

So if this is the kind of stuff you’re asking for, let me know. If you’re asking for opinions based solely on postings on the boards, I can try that, too. Again, it would be a very incomplete list, because my memory is. . .something I can’t remember the word for. . .oh, yeah; impaired.

Oh, I’m not looking for the inside scoop on people or anything like that. I’m just interested in the little mental snapshots people have for various users. Kind of like the nicknames you give to strangers. So I guess it would really be only related to stuff on the boards. If you *actually *know someone, then you know them. You know?

For instance, whenever I see Malleus, Incus, Stapes, I think, “She’s that synaesthete who looks like an A&F model, and she’s Jewish. Isn’t she? I find her entertaining.”

When I see you, norinew, I think, “Nori-new. No, that’s right - ‘Norine W’. She’s that friendly lady who’s got some funny stories about life in West Virginia.”

And so on.

ETA: And, no, it doesn’t have to be a complete list. Heavens to Murgatroyd. *I *can’t make a complete list, and I’ve only been here since July.

As I just said in the other thread, my familiarity with posters is apparently much greater than they seem to expect. I pick up little bits and pieces and after a little while I’ve got a decent picture in my head, even though there are plenty of threads and topics I never go anywhere near. Maybe I just make shit up and conflate people with each other all the time, I don’t know, but I at least think I know things. I guess I’ll find out.

For instance: Heart of Dorkness is female, in contract to Left Hand of Dorkness (whose username used to be his real name, which I remember but won’t repeat as I imagine that was the point of the change; I also know where he lives or least lived and other things). May have posted a picture once - dark hair, possibly glasses, looks young, like mid-20s, but claims to be older than that. Often appears in gender/sex/dating threads and takes a feminist/egalitarian approach. Was married before, but isn’t now (?). Has told stories of being catcalled and generally treated lewdly. Is smart; aligns more or less with my worldview, so preconception is positive.

It’s funny you should mention MOL.

I’m not sure how long she’s been a poster, (it seems like forever) but I’ve always known her a a girl who’s not afraid to speak her mind. (Not in a bad way though.)

Anyway, my mental picture of her was always that of a 40/50ish old lady, probably with kids that are grown and out of the house.

Then I recently saw a picture of her in a Halloween thread. I was very surprised to learn that MOL is a very attractive YOUNG lady!

Now I feel like I have to get to know her all over again.

Shame on you MOL!!

I know nothing about Astro, but I identify with him because 90% of the time he’s thinking exactly what I’m thinking as it pertains to threads posted on these boards.

Lots of other folks out there too but I have to see there names first in order for the memory banks to kick in and remind me of who they are.

One of my bad habbits is that I just read the posts with out reading who wrote it. Unless of course they post something that really stands out; then I read the name.

I’ll give it a try…

Argent Towers - has an unhealthy obsession with plate armor, would like to see modern use. Would wear to work if acceptable. Possibly does anyway.

Just off the top of my head. Nothing but fun intended =)

Fine, I’ll play. Though the problem with this is trying to remember all the dopers you know information about.

Some of these might not be accurate, but they are my current impressions of the dopers.

runner pat - Is buying a new computer.

Lobsang - Drinks a lot. Posts while drunk from time to time.

Chefguy - Knows how to make good coffee.

panache45 - Gay. In a good relationship.

silenus - Likes booze and Joss Whedon. Good man.

Diogenes the Cynic - Posts a lot. Has strong views on things.

ArchiveGuy - Has good tastes in movies .

Lissener - Used to work in video store. Likes Showgirls.

Hal Briston - He did not have sex with sheep.

Qadgop the Mercotan - Prison Doc.

Johnny L.A. - Camera man. Likes Jim Jarmusch.

John Mace - Conservative.

Marley23 - Journalist.

elucidator - Has some good jokes.

BrainGlutton - Knows a lot about different political theories.

Oakminster - Defense Lawyer.

Spoons - Canadian Lawyer.

Hello Again - New Lawyer.

Argent Towers - Cares about guns. Might be Jewish.

Shodan - Conservative, but very interesting when he isn’t talking about politics.

OpalCat - Artist. Bubble Wrap. Hi Opal!

MeanOldLady - Dressed up as catwoman for Halloween. Is not really mean.

olivesmarch4th - Buddhist. In a good relationship. Writes her heart out in threads where people ask about psychological problems.

ivan astikov - Good magician.

Alice The Goon - Is currently getting her groove back.

Terry Kennedy - Helped fix my laptop.

Idle Thoughts - Created an anthology of all the “ask the…” threads. Might have a really uncommon sleep disorder.

Cervaise - Knows a lot about movies.

Mr Bus Guy - Drives a school bus.

HazelNutCoffee - Has a cat.

I’m sure I’m forgetting others. I left out all the mods and people I know from my one game of mafia.

Don’t tell my husband, though. He’d be bummed. Other than that, spot on!

Let’s see, who else?

Since I brought her up, Mean Old Lady: Rocks. Usually says what I would have, but faster and funnier. Lives in the Midwest somewhere. She’s my imaginary friend.

Also, Really Not All That Bright: From the UK, but lives in the US. Often more conservative than me, but I’ll allow it because he’s cute and witty.

And Klondike Geoff: He’s old as the hills, as in right around my dad’s age. I like him, although I have no specific idea why.

Crafter_Man - Conservative, lives in the Midatlantic, doesn’t like cats,
carnivorousplant - Lives in Arkansas, has a Jewish wife, Trekkie
Nava - Spanish, has a big butt, moves a lot, Chemical engineer or something similar
Equipoise - Chicagoan, music and movie fan, voted for Obama, friends with lissener
silenus - High school teacher, wears Hawaiin shirts, Whedon fan, emoticon abuser
ShadiRoxan - Persian, I think? Had a child a few years ago.
MPB in Salt Lake - Likes beer, has been to Europe a few times, overuses ellipses.
Sunspace - Canadian, sounds like Kermit the frog, unlucky in love, likes darker women
garygnu - Lives in Southern California. Asked Vienna Teng to a dance in high school.
Anaamika - Indian, lives in New York, likes Pratchett, doesn’t like chick flicks.
Khadaji - Middle-aged, lives in Pennsylvania, unmarried, always good for a kind word.

Some off the top of my head.

Let’s see here…

Twickster - Wordsmith, edits a magazine I think, good at crosswords. (good grief I hope that’s right)
SilverTygerGirl - Loves comics, all things Japanese, has ongoing war with Skald. Also thinks I’m cute and recently has a boyfriend.
Skald the Rhymer - Evil overlord (retired), mancrush on Taye Diggs, uses random and amusing insults, thinks I’m a fool of a Took. (ah yes, comic and Tolkien GEEK)
Illuminatiprimus - Brit, gay, mutual crush.
Sampiro - Southern, smart, excellent writer, needs to publish a book of his family stories.
MeanOldLady - Witty, sarcastic, speaks her mind freely. We’d probably be great friends.
Bricker - Lawyer, smart, nitpicky. never debate him without massive preparation.
Asimovian - Recently single and moved, about the nicest guy I’ve ever met.
I could come up with a ton, but there’s a few.

SilverTygerGirl – collects kimonos
Skald the Rhymer --asks interesting questions of the Dope for his writing projects
panache45 – sings in the North Coast Men’s Chorus
Cunctator – choral singer in Oz who is a wealth of info about choral music
twickster – in addition to the wordsmithing stuff, she is a master gardener and lives in Philly
Chief Pedant – MD. (Loved his Doper name since first he posted!)
HazelNutCoffee – gorgeous and Korean (from what I’ve seen in Doper pic threads)
MeanOldLady – gorgeous and black and not old (I’ve seen the photo), as well as sassy as hell
norinew - now in my home state of WV; went through some horrible stuff with the assault of her daughter Mudgirl
Collbri – lives in Panama, ornithologist
Ivylass – courageous breast cancer survivor

Sticking with folks who have posted to the other thread, I recognize just about all the user names there, but generally do not know or remember personal details about many of them. Sorry, therefore, if some of these are a bit sketchy.

bucketybuck – Tourette’s victim, with a speech impediment.
Robot Arm – the space shuttle’s, well, robot arm.
Unintentionally Blank – I’m drawing a blank here.
Covered_in_Bees! – A very friendly person (at least to bees).
cmyk – graphic artist of some sort.
Hal Briston – that sheep-fucking thing will never, ever die, will it?
Plan B – staunch conservative.
Shakes – Bobcat Goldthwait, even though I’ve never seen the movie.
Diogenes the Cynic – staunch liberal, seems to know a lot about religion.
Olentzero – staunch Communist.
ShibbOleth – the cap ‘O’ right there in the middle of everything.
BobLibDem – another liberal, and probably a Democrat.
MeanOldLady – mean, youngish lady.
Qadgop the Mercotan – Prison doctor, more stories than Rudyard Kipling.
Chowder – British to the core.
Malleus, Incus, Stapes! – even though I’ve since recognized what it means, I still think of it as some kind of Latin expletive.
Carnivorousplant – has seen every TV show and film ever made.
mswas – the missing third Was, after Don and Dave.
Lobsang – Lobsters singing, go figure.
Shodan – Highly conservative Japanese monster.
Quartz – another stouthearted Brit.
MrDibble – Soud African.
Jimmy Chitwood – Joie’s cousin, now runs the thrill show.
Tapioca Dextrin – Hey, I know that guy.
Chefguy – I suspect a job in food service.

Me, at work.

By my own estimation, during my time on the Dope, I’ve gone from:

Pretentious indie-rock college snob (2005-2007)

Vehicle and gun obsessed blowhard (2007-mid 2009)

Happy-go-lucky Hogg, armour and Zager & Evans devotee who also loves talking about himself (mid 2009-present)

These are all distinct phases with beginnings and ends, though fragments from all the past incarnations still occasionally pop up.

ETA: Almost forgot the J.G. Ballard phase which started, I think, some time around late 2007 and lasted for almost a year

woodstockbirdybird - devilishly hilarious
pricciar - the funniest person I know
fenris - amazing recollection for dope trivia
eleanorigby - fellow nurse
liberal - drama
MeanOldLady – 100 kinds of awesome
Qadgop the Mercotan - doctor and smart dude
cmyk - nice guy, computer arty
Nava - in Spain, interesting, female
Equipoise - LUUUUUUUUUUURVES Happy Rhodes
lissener - movie buff
Skald the Rhymer - loves Natalie Portman and has evil in his heart (not really)
OpalCat - [edited]
norinew - kicked her kidney to the curb
Airman Doors - packs heat at picnics and dives on the floor when he sees laser pointers
Illuminatiprimus - British, teh gay, cute
Sampiro - has stories
Bricker - Cartman
cesario - [edited]
Giraffe - webcam shows
Gfactor - badass Pit mod
astro - starts a lot of threads
Seven - apparently has meaningful to contribute and only post at this site to snipe, attack, and annoy :wink:

Will probably think of more later

I don’t keep the flash cards, that’s what posting histories are for.

Antinor01 - cute as a button
Skald - fellow Thundercats fan and writer
Asimovian - funny guy with poor taste in food. =^_^=
Rick - super nice
silenus - wears horrible Hawaiian shirts
jali - super nice, but otherwise dunno
freekalette - doesn’t post anymore?
Queen Bruin - giant sports fan
Alastair Moonsong - fellow furry

D’oh! :smack:

OOOh let me try:
Antinor01 A guy who apparently is walking to the dopefest this weekend.



Bah fine.

Rick - A guy who knows a ton about cars and makes a great driver.