How would you describe the Doper above you to a RL friend

How would you describe the poster above you, based just on what they’ve posted on the Dope, to a real life friend?

This guy I sorta know, whom if I had responded to him honestly in a recent query, would have resulted in his thread getting moved to the pit.

“No idea in hell who he/she is.”

Seems nice enough. Don’t know if I’d give him/her a kidney mind you, but seems a nice enough type.

Vaguely rough-trade homosexual-sounding name, but I generally enjoy his (?) posts.

“I think he or she lives in Japan”

Igneous British bloke.

Real nice person: just adopted a very cute puppy. Addicted to vowels. :smiley:

Has a messy bedroom (don’t ask how I know). Stores IUDs in the fridge. Keeps a low profile.


Beatles fan, sports fan, speaks jive.

His post is terse & succinct. He’s also a charter member of the SDMB.

Raised by wolves, so naturally sought a future in advertising.

Wears plaids well. Enjoys cheese omelets and romance novels.

Seems like a nice chap. Well-liked around here. Have not had the pleasure of interacting with him that much, perhaps to my detriment.

He’s an ogre I guess.

He apparently invented awesomeness. :wink:

(gender assumed, since there’s no picture in the gallery…)

Errr, not a darn thing I’m sorry to say, although I’m guessing based on the username that she is a woman. Seems to have a bit of of a thing for TriPolar. Likes being a little quirky as evidenced by the nose on her emoticon.

He’s the source of one of my favorite trainwreck threads of all time, met him at a dopefest in Orlando.

Probably a girl.

Knowledgeable about music, and a math nerd, I think. Also a weightlifter, maybe?

Pretty hellish.