The Men of The Straight Dope

I just wanted to say as I browsed through the pages with all your pictures I said “Damn, he’s hot” about 20 times. :wink:

Just 20? You must have skipped some!

Hi, I’m #21. :smiley:

I’m not on the People Pages. :frowning:

I think she’s partway through the Bs now . . .

Let us know when you get to the Is, VGT.

And Merc, email your pic to

And Venus, guess what…I’m single, let’s chat! :slight_smile:

Which reminds me, I’m single and like 30 miles north of L.A. I’m a freshman in college and my AIM name is CaliSteph6. I also have a few pics. :wink:

Other side of the country yet again . . .

I have got to get a new Lady Luck. Mine is always busy on weekends.

Single, freshman in college … Hey, VGT, how you doin’?

(If she answers, maybe she liked the pic… :D)

Well if MrC is 21, I must be 22.

sighs and walks away with his tartan drapped over his naked body

:rushing home to find a photo to send:

Just my luck…why are all the good ones so far away. Hope to at least be able to chat with you one of these days…I’ll put you on my buddy list.

BTW…Do you like older men??? :wink:

Wait until she gets to the “E’s” and watch this theory go straight to hell. :wink:

Yes, please give us a complete list of the twenty aforementioned posters. Perhaps they can start a clique or something.

(Am I still up on the People Pages ? Damn, I am.)

Er, I mean so we can.


(And Euty you can be our rugged leader.)

Been there,done that,have the t shirt.

But the one man who made me purr “meow kitty kitty” the loudest unfortunatly prefers men ::sigh::

Matt if you ever get curious about women…

I’m thinkin Venus got stuck in the "A"s…:smiley:

How you doin’, Venus?

There is a Dopefest in Santa Monica on Wednesday, April 25th at 8:00 PM (but there will probably be people there around 7-ish) at Ye Olde King’s Head.

Come on down and meet some Dopes! I mean Dopers! Eat fish’n’chips! (Or bangers’n’mash or shepherd’s pie, or whatever…)

(Oh… Didja get to the "J"s?)

VenusGirlTrap, just imagine how you’ll swoon once Shayna finally adds my picture.

Sorry, VGT, but I’m taken. :slight_smile:

Well, hell, I’m not. Though I’m sure something can be arranged… :wink: