In praise of Women of The Dope!

Having lurked for a long time, it dawned on me that the women of the dope are bitchin’. I am talking about cool, hip, intriguing, witty wimmin folk!

To name but a few:

Alice The Goon
Freudian Slit
Harriet the Spry
Lynn Bodoni
Cat Whisperer

Love ya all!:smiley:


It’s true; I do bitch a lot.

I am all those things. Nobody ever remembers me.

Agreed with all, but let’s not forget

Unauthorized Cinnamon
Dung Beetle
Green Bean

There are many more, but I haven’t had my coffee yet.


[takes seat next to thirdwarning in the non-bitchin’, non-cool, non-hip, non-intriguing, non-witty section of the Dope…]

While I agree in the praise, I always worry about a list, which will also overlook/exclude someone*. Let’s just agree that they’re all fantastic.

*I worry to even list the obvious exclusions from the two short lists already posted. I can think of ten more, off the top of my head, that are at least as worthy.

I can’t tell if the OP is a good thing or kinda patronizing…I mean, yay women and all, but I am not sure I dig pretty much all of those posters listed *because *they are women - I dig 'em because they are cool Dopers…

ETA: Sorry, not meaning to threadshit; I can see where this post is not in the spirit of the OP…

Hooray for electrons and vaginas!

It’s a jam for the ladies and the superstars

I could leave the whole set but never go too far

Careful how the two are combined!:eek:

I personally think that thirdwarning, Gala Matrix Fire, and SkeptiJess are pretty fabulous ladies.

My day, it is made, toofs. Backatcha.

Thank you so much for remembering me. I wondered if anyone even knew me at all here!

Wow, you hollered at your girl. I’m on a list, finally! Now I can die happy.:slight_smile:

Aw, I’d blush, if I were the kind of person who blushes. :wink:

This won’t get you laid, you know

I always come into these things to find out if I’m mentioned, which I never am, but this time, yee haw!

Mrs. toofs would kick my ass if it did.

Aw thanks tdn! Let’s add I Have Hippos In My Garden and Olivesmarch4th in there too.