In praise of Women of The Dope!


Thank you for responding to my obvious fishing. :slight_smile:

I take exception to non-witty, just on the basis of this thread, but I pretty much identify with Sports Night’s Casey. Cool just isn’t me. Spectacular, now… Come join me there. :wink:

Gotta throw Twickster in the mix.

I don’t know about you, but I hold the mouse in my hand.

“I don’t know about you, but I hold the mouse in my hand.”


You forgot Jodi, Biggirl and Nginza Seated the last of which I probably spelled wrong.

Aw, shucks! :o

We should have our own calendar, like those old ladies in England. Who’s first?

Let’s add **Aanamika **and **Sauderhorse **to the list too; I’ve seen enough of their posts to know they’re awesome.

I think those women, plus all the ones added, are pretty dope too.

I barely even post anymore. Nice to be remembered. :slight_smile:

If we’re going to have a calendar, who gets to post with the goat?

As opposed to the squid?

You just made my entire month! :smiley: I always wanted to be on a list of awesome people, so thank you!

I don’t post often enough, especially not in a witty manner, to be remembered in threads like these. I do, however, agree that we’ve got some fun and fabulous women on here.


But I’ll add


to the list.

You know, they don’t post much any more (or maybe not at all? :(), but I forgot to add freekalette and Why Not to the list.

I can personally attest to the fact that BlueKangeroo, Sarahfeena, eleanorrigby, and WhyNot are all awesome ladies - I met them all when I was in Chicago. Miss you guys!

Amen, from an also rarely-remembered female doper. If I ever meet you in person, we can commiserate over a beer.

By the way, I remember you, and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.

I remember you. You and Acid Lamp live in Florida (or another Southern state) and grow huge yummy vegetables.