Help me totally find Totally Spies!

My dear fellow Dopes

I’ve been lurking here for a while, and thoroughly enjoying your various antics!!11

D’you remember Totally Spies? I’m sure there was a live action TV series - I have googled, I have Troped, I have IMBD’d, but I can only find the cartoon version. I distinctly remember this scene: Three sassy spies walking down a hallway, one says, “We’ve gotta stay focused!” The other one, spying a packet on the floor - “Oooh, Craisins!” (ADD Dopers, take note)

Help me guys - I must find the live action version of TOTALLY SPIES!

There was a series called “She Spies” that was fairly similar. I’m not sure if it’s available anywhere, but avoid the last season, it totally sucked.

Thanks furryman, yeah that’s the one! “She Spies” - sheesh, and I skipped over that one when I saw it on IMBD. I really loved the banter in that show, and you’re right - it was better at the beginning.
(I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for shows that don’t take themselves so seriously, like CSI, SVU and the like, where all characters must have a murdered/raped relative, kidnapped/lost love - blah blah blah.)