Help me touch up scratch on my car

I did the ditzy 1950’s housewife thing and scraped the car against the wall while backing out the garage. This resulted in a tiny flake in the paint, which I know has to be dealt with (especially here in Honomu, Rain Capital of the Big Island) to avoid rust/further flaking.

The Subaru dealer where we bought the car advised “get some touch-up paint at Walmart.” So in the section marked “Touch Up Paint” I got “Scratch Fix 2 in 1” in the appropriate color and have brushed it on.

And yet, the instructions puzzle me. Here is what it says:

Surely even a moron could manage this, but I confess I’m strugging with that last sentence. What the hell is “clearcoat”? You’d think, if it is an accompanying product, that the packaging would be sure to hype their brand of the stuff, so you’d buy them both. However, there is no reference to some other thing you are supposed to buy.

Tell me the ugly truth. I have to drive all the way back to #@$@!#! Walmart and hope the right stuff is in stock, don’t I?

This is why people should not be allowed to marry until they’ve learned to take care of all ordinary grown-up stuff without help from a spouse. (I got married at 23, and see where it’s landed me?)

Clearcoat is just what is sounds like, kind of a clear finish over auto paint. For a small touch-up it’s not strictly necessary. I am not sure how much it is cosmetic and how much is protective. I would think that it would be sitting on the shelf with their other stuff.

I’m sort of shocked that the Subaru dealer didn’t just sell you OEM touch-up paint on the spot. I always get touch-up paint from the dealer.

Thanks! I was on the phone with the Subaru dealer, not there in person (although I was making an appointment to come in, so you’d think they would have spotted an opportunity).

Since it is a tiny spot in an almost invisible location (after I did the first coat, I practically couldn’t find the spot again to apply the second coat) I think I’ll let it go, unless I get a stern e-mail from hubby telling me to take better care of the car in his absence!