Help me train my pig.

How do I get my 3 month old pigheaded, domesticated, spoiled, male Vietnamese potbelly piglet to stop peeing on the floor?

Simply tell him, “That’ll do, pig.”

Eat him.

Too extreme, simply explain the concept of bacon to him.

Looks like there’s lots of good information on the web.

Stop letting him in the house?

He’s a pig. They weren’t meant to be domesticated.

Thanks douches.

Well you can certainly expect a lot of help after that. Excellent strategy, namecalling when you’re asking for assistance. Good luck, hope you love the smell of pig pee.

Strange; I thought pigs had been domesticated for thousands of years. What country do you come from where there aren’t any domesticated pigs? Israel, perhaps?

Train him like a puppy. And don’t ‘spoil’ him - all animals need disipline and good communication of your expectations before they need affection and extra food, if you want them to behave reasonably.

If I were you I would limit the area he’s allowed in (to an easy-clean floor if you have one), take him outside very frequently, give him a vocal command every time you see him pee outside, then reward him with lavish praise and food so he’s encouraged to save his pee for the right time to be rewarded. I don’t believe in punishing when you see them go indoors, but plenty of people do.

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I had two pigs and I will tell you that they are smarter than dogs. This is good and bad… they understand motivation for doing things. What you can do, and I had success with, was put the pigs food where he is urinating. Pigs like to be clean if they can (well with feces anyway, they love being muddy and dusty because their skin burns like us white dudes.) Anyway, try doing that. Also, figure out what your pig is acting when he/she needs to urinate or deficate. They go through some sort of “gotta pee” dance before they actually do. This works too. Plus, its good that the pig actually knows what “no” means. They understand a lot of what you say, actually, or at least mine did to the point of being able to go places that I told them to or get things that I instructed them to.

If I think of anything else, I will let you know, and good luck. Pigs are great pets, and funny as hell.

Thank You Translucent Daydream. I am glad that you understand. This is my first male potbelly pig. The females I “coexisted” with before were super smart and much easier to train. After great advice, I moved the food area to the places where he would pee, and brought him outside to pee. This has worked great, except when it rains and he wants to drink up all the rainwater…but, that will do. Thanks again. You are awesome.

I apologize to the Moderator (Colibri) for my childish response earlier and I am ashamed for not being in control of my emotions.

My potbelly pig is very much like a human child to me, with all the expressions and emotions a child of his age would have. In fact, Pugsly is much more GIVING than any 4 month old human child. Yes, they are pig headed, and I was getting advice from other pet lovers about what to do about my pig who insisted on peeing inside. (Thank you Rhubarbarin and Translucent Daydream.) But what did I get in return…? Eat him? Really? I am very attached and I was worried that I might have to give my pig up because he would not learn. In that state of mind I had let these thoughtless insults get to me. I am sorry, I should not of responded like that. A simple thanks might have made my point.

Thanks, your response is appreciated. The first few posters were out of line, but it’s always best to report a post you have a problem with and let a moderator deal with it rather than retaliate yourself.

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[Carson]I didn’t know that.[/Carson]

Really. I didn’t.


Is it too late to suggest a Porka-Potty?

Shout in an imperious voice “I need a pig here!” and then put your feet up on it and sigh…

(there really is nothing like a warm pig belly for aching feet, IMHO)


Wanted to bump to see how its working.