Help me understand a IMHO-GD distinction

Can you explain this decision & comment.

Loach is confident enough that this thread, originally in IMHO, should be in GD to make a joke about it and Czarism immediately agrees and moves it. Now I am nearing 90% of my way to 1000 posts and I really should understand the subtle differences between GD-IMHO …and usually it is easy but I am honest enough to say I am completely clueless on this one. I get that it might be close, but I am not seeing the slam dunk.

So: WHY was this thread so obviously GD and not IMHO - understand I have no doubt it was, and I have no argument with the Mod’s call – I just am not tracking …

Because the subject matter is so inviting of controversy. Al Qaeda, Bush etc - it’s standard GD fodder.

These questions are asking for a debate. Having the Opinion that "such an attack will re-elect Busch easily, is not on par with “I like chocolate Ice Cream best!”

So while there are opinions and views involved in Great Debates, they are of a different caliber than IMHO. Also, opinions in Great Debates should be justified with serious facts and cites. They are more “views” than opinions.
Opinions in IMHO, are more based soley on your preferences to certain things. You don’t need to “prove” to anyone, nor are you really trying to convince anyone else that “Granny Smith Apples are the best apples ever!”, you’re just sharing your opinion or preference.

By their very nature, nearly all political threads go in Great Debates. I can think of some that wouldn’t:

General Questions:
How many Republicans are in office right now?
What’s the highest majority Democrats have ever had?

Cafe Society:
I just saw Fahrenheit 9/11, the camera angles sucked ass!

I shook the President’s hand today.

What are you registered as? Democrat, Republican, etc. ?
Who’s daughter’s do you think are hotter? Kerry’s or Bush’s?

Well said!

The very best threads are when I get to say stuff like that and just stand back while y’all do your thing!

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Holy crap! The first time I have ever looked through ATMB and there is an OP about me! (sort of) I’m honored. :wink:

Or indeed another part of his anatomy.