Help me understand DVI Video Cards

The title of this thread is general, but I actually have some specific questions too.

I’m looking for an AGP video card that will support dual DVI monitors.

When I read the specs of various video cards that say they support two monitors, it looks like I’d have to use one monitor on SVGA and one on the DVI port.

I’m aware that some video cards support using a splitter cable out of the dvi port to utilize two monitors.

For example: what can you tell me about the following Expansion/Connectivity Interfaces specifications?

1 x DVI-I (dual link) - 29 pin combined DVI ¦ 1 x VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) ¦ 1 x HDTV output

The easy part is that the card contains a DVI port, a VGA port, and HDTV port.
But, what is the significance of dual link? Is that what I’m looking for in a video card with one DVI port that supports dual monitors with a splitter?



You want dual DVI, not dual-link DVI. Dual-link DVI is required for large monitors (like 30"). Too many pixels to fit on the normal data lines.

Now, I can guess that some manufactures are using the second-link pins on a dual-link DVI to feed a second monitor, and then mapping those pins over to the first-link pins with the cable. I don’t think this is part of the standard though.

Personally, I would stick to cards with 2 DVI ports. Newegg has plenty, and some are even less than $500…

Ahh yes, I like the way this is turning out. The real basis of my question is answered first. I still desire to know more about DVI etc. but the bottom line is I wanted an informed opinion about what I should look for when buying a video card for two monitors. Thanks, SmackFu.

Unfortunately that is not AGP. The selection for those is a little sparser.

Right you are. Forgot about the AGP part.