Help me wake up please.

It was a late night last night, I didn’t get home from grocery shopping until after midnight. All of this was mainly due to a failed attempt to collect a baby cot my parents had purchased for us which ended up being held at a store interstate (god I love Target).

Now I am at work and my brain is going blank and keeps snoozing off on me. I would blame it on the late night but to be honest the work is rather boring.

So I need something to keep me awake whilst I work, I’ve tried caffine (4 cans of Pepsi Max and counting), music (radio’s busted). What other things can I do?

Help please before this keyboard becomes my pillow…

Fast paced music and low tempetatures always seem to help me.

Okay air-conditioner has been turned down. See how that goes, thanks clayton_e.

Whenever you find yourself on the path to Nod, try this little trick I learned in college. Using your thumb and forefinger, gently reach into the nostril of your choice and pluck out a few nosehairs. It may bring a tear to your eye, but you will be alert! Also, the smell of peppermint is supposed to be invigorating. Try brushing your teeth or snorting an Altoid.

Go for a 5 minute brisk walk, even if it’s only to the photocopier and back, that always helps me.

Just remember, it’s Friday afternoon. It’s respectable to go home at least a little early…

Rhubarb - can I just say Ouch!

Robin - it would be okay to go home early if I hadn’t done so already on Wednesday and started late yesterday. But the boss has left now so it should be okay to stuff around a little.


Chupa chups. They wake you up. I currently have 48… make that 47 chupa chups on my desk at work.

The nosehair thing was meant to be funny, but it really, truly works. Hurts, too. The peppermint thing is also serious. If you can get your hands on anything with a peppermint scent, a couple of good sniffs will help pep you up. Weird, but true.

No chupa chups and no peppermint stuff in the offfice today :frowning: But I have found the hidden stash of chocolate biscuits so I might just munch into those and get a sugar rush happening.