Help me with a sugar free whipped topping!

Yes, I know I could go out and buy a canister of Sugar Free Kool Whip, or something like it.

But does anyone have a sugar free topping that simulates whipped cream? Maybe something with Splenda or other additive?

I would really appreciate it if the SDMB could come through for me on this!:smiley:

Heavy whipping cream and Splenda.
Cream cheese and Splenda.
Heavy whipping cream and sugar-free pudding mix.

Maybe a little cream of tartar to help your whipping.

Those hand or stick-blenders with a flat blade can whip nonfat milk to a thick-ish consistency. Add Splenda or another sweetener, and you’ve got something pretending to be whipped cream. It doesn’t hold up, though. Gotta use it ASAP.

I think you need to be a bit more descriptive about what you’re looking for. “Whipped Cream” is just that, cream that has been whipped until it’s light and fluffy. Generally sugar is added for sweetness, so if you want “sugar free whipped topping”, then you could just add artificial sweetener instead of sugar and you have “sugar free whipped cream”, which seems to fit the bill perfectly.

But I suspect that isn’t what you really want. Are you looking for nonfat, or non-dairy, as well as sugar free?

Why do you need to “simulate whipped cream”? Why not… make whipped cream? Use Splenda or Equal (one packet) for a little sweetness.

Just looking for sugar free, to be used as a topping on a sugar free chocolate cream pie.

Years ago I invented a rich and gooey cream made from sour cream and Splenda whipped together. I was trying to replicated the filling of Russian Blintzes that I had eaten. It is really excellent, but really rich. Great on fruit. You can make a few spoonfuls to try it out.

FYI, “sugar free” Cool Whip has Corn Syrup as the second ingredient. I’m not sure how a product with a significant proportion of corn syrup can qualify as sugar free, but there you go.

I’m still confused why you’re confused, Baker. Heavy cream + hand mixer (or whisk+time) + artificial sweetener = sugar free whipped cream.

Is there something here you don’t get?

Though whipped cream often has sugar in it, it’s not necessary. I’ve often served sweet desserts with unsweetened whipped cream, and most people didn’t even notice.

I get that just fine.

But since I have rarely had people ask me for a sugar free topping I thought I’d draw on the wisdom(and good nature) of other Dopers, looking for recommendations and experience.

And I do thank those that have helped me out here.

Add a little sugar free instant pudding mix to keep it stable a bit longer if you want to whip cream. I remember I really liked the white chocolate flavor but vanilla is fine. Here is a common recipe: I never tried it with liquid sucralose, just pudding mix.

The lighter version described here works really well as a substitute for whipped topping.