help me with a voting related survey assignment please.

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Ok, here’s the deal: Hypergirl and I are in the same U.S. history class and need to do an extra credit assignment. It’s basically asking people survey questions…

Will you vote?
Who will you vote for?
What issues do you consider when choosing a candidate?
Where do you get your information? **

Thank you for your cooperation.

And be amusing about it if at all possible. If that’s not too much to ask. I have my parents if I want dull boring cookie cutter responses. Dopers are a higher level. I also want to thank the people who responded when this thread was in the other forum. ** Louie, kiffa, mblackwell, Montfort, Anthracite, Lsura, absoul,** and Connor.

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I would also like to thank everyone who responded to the thread I posted, and the person who emailed me their response. I really appreciate it.

age/sex: 36 (I’ll be 37 by the election, which means I’ve been old enough to vote longer than some voters have been alive), male (if I was female, I’d be a MyssEcks.)

Will you vote? Yeah, I’ll vote.

Why? I believe that anyone who doesn’t vote is casting a vote anyway–they are voting for the winners by default. I prefer to make my choices myself, rather than leave them up to a bunch of other people.

Who will you vote for? I assume you mean for president–I doubt you care who I support for State Senate. For president, I will be voting for George W. Bush.

Why? Because I think he’s the lesser evil. I believe Albert Gore is a hypocritical corrupt liar, and I will not vote for him–this leaves me with Bush, however little this fact pleases me.

What issues do you consider when choosing a candidate? Character is one of them, as you can see above–and being a slime while representing me is an automatic disqualification. I am a social libertarian and a constitutional absolutist–this means that I agree and disagree with conventional Democratic/Left and Republican/Right idiology about equally, albeit on different matters.

Where do you get your information? Various places. Newspaper stories are a big one, though I always read them with an eye to how they are slanted (most of them are, one way or the other). I also bebop around the web looking at stuff–once again, though, I discount whatever bias I find. And I have a degree in political science, and I used to be involved in local politics–I’ve been tracking many things for quite awhile, so I don’t have to start completely cold. Note, however, that I don’t listen much to the candidates’ statements, except when those are guilty pleas in court. (I’m not kidding about that–there’s a former State Senator running in the next district over who just got out of the federal pen, and he’s campaigning while wearing a monitoring device on his ankle. And we had a former State Treasurer avoid prison by committing suicide at a press conference–Pennsylvania politics is hilarious, in a horrible sort of way.)

I hope that helps.

**age/sex **: Male/ 48

Will you vote? No.

Why? Because I dislike what is being offered for candidates, believe we need at least a 3 party system and dislike the power of the electoral college.

Who will you vote for? No one.

Why? Previously answered.

What issues do you consider when choosing a candidate? Human welfare, consumer and environmental protection, labor laws, human rights, the military, space exploration, corruptibility of the candidates.

Where do you get your information? News papers, talk shows, radio, television, the Internet, and opinions of others.

age/sex 35 years old male.
Will you vote? Of course.
Why? IMHO, if don’t participate, you don’t get to bitch about the results. And I like to bitch.
**Who will you vote for?**Gore
**Why?**Primarily, school vouchers. I’m opposed.
**What issues do you consider when choosing a candidate?**Education, enviroment, economics.
Where do you get your information? Newspapers, TV, and the SDMB.

age/sex 25/male

Will you vote? Assuming the world doesn’t end, yes.

Why? You know, exercising your voice in government, saving the world from evil dictatorial regimes, that sort of thing. Plus, they give you that oh so cool “I Voted” sticker. Pfft.

Who will you vote for? George Shrub, Jr.

Why? Frankly because, although both are idiots, (IMHO) Al Bore is the bigger idiot. Therefore choosing Shrub is choosing the lesser of the two idiots.

What issues do you consider when choosing a candidate? A variety of issues including, but not limited to, foreign policy, gun control, abortion, government spending, and of course, idiocy.

Where do you get your information? A little birdie told me. Actually, mostly the media, just like almost everybody else–it’s not like you can personally interview them. As stated by MysterEcks, you just have read/see through the bias of the reporters.

age/sex 30/male

Will you vote? Absolutely

Why? At the risk of giving a “Sunday School Answer,” I feel that it is my solemn duty as a citizen of a free country (do you hear the National Anthem softly being played in the background?).

Who will you vote for? George W. Bush

Why Well, first of all, I think Al Gore is a liar, a hypocrite, a tree-hugging socialist, and quite possibly a felon (campaign contributions from a Buddhist monastery, anyone?). Beyond that, however, I find that George W. Bush and I are on the same page on most of the issues I support (see below).

What issues do you consider when choosing a candidate? In no particular order, they are: gun control (I want less), taxes (I want lower), government intrusion into peoples’ lives (I want less), school vouchers (I support them), and government regulation of industry (I want as little as possible).

Where do you get your information? Same places as everybody else: newspapers, TV, the Internet. Also a lot of talk radio.

Age/Sex 22/male

Will you vote? Goddamn right I will.

Why Because it’s my right. I can’t bitch if I don’t vote.

Who will you vote for? Al Gore

Why? Because there is something between his ears besides old cocaine. He will be able to make independent foreign policy decisions, he will not piss away the budget surplus, he might actually fix social security…and last but most importantly, he is not in the pocket of the religious right, which would strip away the freedoms of non-Christians one by one.

Issues See my answer for the above question.

Where do you get your information? I work in politics, so I get it from variety of sources. Newspapers and the internet are my biggest sources, not to mention all the people we have working in Washington who monitor legislative sessions. Where the media lies, they usually have the straight dope.


Holy crap, Maeglin, you’re male? :slight_smile:

Age/sex: 26 and male

Will you vote? Yes. Yes, I believe I will

Why? Because Tuesday is a slow day for me.

Who will you vote for? Harry Browne. Hey, I’m the first person to be voting for a third-party candidate in this thread. Woohoo! I rock!

Why? Because he is the candidate of the party which I support. Also, because he’s an atheist, and not afraid to let people know about it. I gotta give props for that.

What issues do you consider when choosing a candidate? I am most concerned about where the candidate stands on the subject of civil liberties. That’s kinda big with me. As for the economic side of things, eh. I could give a shit.

Where do you get your information? Since when do you need information to vote? Can’t I just cast my ballot for the guy who looks best on TV? Oh, wait. I’ve voting for Harry Browne. OK, I’ll just vote for The Guy Who Looks Most Like a Corpse. Really, though, I get my info from all over. Newspapers, magazines, the internet, radio, transmissions from the mother ship, etc.

21/ Male (geez, does this feel like an AOL chat room or what)
Yes, I’ll vote.
Because I want residency in California. (Just kidding.) Same reason as most people, I’d imagine, to help the candidate I like win.
He understands IT (though he of course didn’t “invent the Internet”) and should be better able to make intelligent decisions concerning it, school vouchers (against), and because George W. Bush has said so many damn stupid things (yes, actions speak louder than words, but I don’t think the White House should be his proving grounds) in debates and whatnot.
The issue of school vouchers is my big one for this election.

Sorry, dubya supporters, I didn’t to be mean in addition to being critical, but when I think about the things I’ve heard him say, it just frustrates me for reasons unknown. My apologies.

Oh, and just for the record, “there hasn’t been enough Gore in the White House.” A friend of mine thinks that’s funny. Then again, he says that’s also why he voted for McCain, so go figure… :stuck_out_tongue: