Help me with my civics!

I’ve got a project due tomorrow and I was just wondering if any Dopers can help with it. I have to list… goes off looking for what he has to do ways that I can participate in local politics. I need at least 5 examples and I’m aiming for 7ish?

Heres what I’ve got so far…

  1. Protest
  • Protest a loud concert in the park in your backyard.
  1. Boycott
  • (need an example)
  1. Letter to an MP (member of parliment (I’m Canadian))
  • A letter asking the gov’t to intervene with a construction firm that wants to build something right next door
  1. Write a petition
  • Ask people to show their support to change the traffic signal?
  1. Volunteer
  • Participate in a group to help clean up the park nearby.

I also need examples of how it would work and how “we” could implement it in order for change.

Just seeing if anyone wants to help me exceede my teachers expectations…

Allow me to be the first:

We don’t do homework.

Just to echo that sentiment: We absolutely don’t do homework. However, as a fanatic believer in the democratic process, I simply cannot resist pointing out that YOU HAVE NOT MENTIONED VOTING.

Wait, they have voting in Canada, right?..

Totally off the subject, but did you come up with this list on your own, or was this the assigned list?

If it’s assigned, I am amazed by the incredibly, blatently liberal take on these things.

Note: Tristan, for the most part, is apolitical. I’m just surprised that the school is ok with something that obvious.

Of course we have voting in Canada, but I’m pretty sure it’s rigged anyways.

I made the list up myself and I also figured voting and that participation might fall into the catagory. As for the doing my homework? I don’t want people to do it for me, but to help me get better ideas/add more to the list.

If you want someone to help you with your Civics, I suggest

Seriously now: those who said we don’t do homework were right. This thread is closed.