Help me with some Freudian reading

I’m doing a paper involving Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung and their dream interpretation methods. This type of reading is very new to me, and I’ve come across a part I really don’t understand (I’m in high school, by the way, so if there is a simple answer, forgive me).

If anyone has Freud’s book, The Interpretation of Dreams, then my question is in Ch. 5 under the first type of typical dreams. This part of the reading goes as follows:

“I have already expressed a suspicion that impressions of earliest childhood (that is, from the prehistoric epoch until about the end of the third year of life) strive to achieve reproduction, from their very nature and irrespectively perhaps of their actual content, and that their repetition constitutes the fulfilment of a wish. Thus dreams of being naked are dreams of exhibiting.” (Freud, 278)

I haven’t had too much trouble with the book so far, but this paragraph confused me. What is exhibition? I’m only reading certain parts of the book, and the sections I’ve read haven’t discussed it.

whooooaaahhh never mind, definitely had a brain fart there. Forget the question about exhibiting.