Help Me with the Title of a Cyberpunk Novel. PLEASE!

This will be hard because I don’t remember a whole lot. I do remember that it was pretty good though.

Things I remember:

  1. Probably mid 80’s when it came out.
  2. The setting was typical Cyberpunk ala Blade Runner.
  3. Characters could have slots in the back of their heads to hold modules.
  4. These modules could change the skills or personality of the characters.

Sorry, that is all I can remember. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Neuromancer by William Gibson, maybe?
The Ghost in the Shell?

Here’s a link to “Essential” Cyberpunk books:

Thanks, I"ll check those out. I also like the link so far. After looking at some of those novels, The novel I’m trying to figure out may be older.

You’re looking for George Alec Effinger’s Marid novels.

When Gravity Fails
A Fire in the Sun
The Exile Kiss
Buyadeen Nights

Incredible books, with a very different flavor to them than most cyberpunk novels of the time. Highly recommended.

Yes! Yes! Yes!. Thank you so much!