Help me with this movie quiz

Done the other questions but these last two are a bit ambivalent and I can’t work out/search out the answer:

What did Debra Winger do to get John Travoltas attention in Urban Cowboy?

What did Anna Paquin go down in history as?

Any help would be appreciated

Wasn’t Anna the youngest to win an Oscar for The Piano?

Well, Anna was certainly the youngest person to to win an Oscar for The Piano, and she is also the youngest person in history to win a regular Oscar. Shirley Temple had been given an Oscar, but it was a “special” Oscar (and child sized to boot).

I’ve only seen Urban Cowboy for a long time, but didn’t she ride the bull, and stay on for a long time?

I meant to say I’d only seen Urban Cowboy once and not for a long time, it only seemed like it took a long time to watch it.


After I hit submit I realized how it sounded.

Ohh fast, thanks. I think that’s it for Anna, and I think bull-riding must have something to do with the answer for Urban Cowboy since all the reviews mention bull-riding (without specifying that Debra Winger does it, unfortunately).

Thanks for the help.

I don’t know about the Urban Cowboy reference, unless the question means “how did she get him to notice her after they were already married and having problems.” They were already an item when she first started bull riding. It did more than get his attention - he hated that she did it, and eventually that’s why they broke up, but that was all much later in the movie.

IIRC, at first he noticed her from across the bar and eventually walked up and stood next to her, and after some small talk he asked her to dance. That wouldn’t be much of an answer, though.

I haven’t seen Urban Cowboy, but according to this site and this site, it looks like she “sidled up beside him and asked him to dance.”


Anna Paquin isn’t the youngest Oscar winner of all time. Tatum O’Neal is, for her role in “Paper Moon”.

(BTW, who is the youngest male actor to win an Oscar?)

John F Kennedy?
No wait…

Forgot about Tatum O’Neal. Anna Paquin was the first Oscar winner from New Zealand.

Youngest male actor to win an Oscar: Timothy Hutton for Ordinary People

Dang, I never get movie trivia anymore and I was so proud I got this one. And I’m wrong on both counts! That’s it, I’m sticking to books.

And Why A Duck, no hard feelings on the little jab, I hope–I was just in a schoolmarm-ish mood. :slight_smile:

Who is the shortest (adult) person to win an Oscar?

I would guess Linda Hunt (4’ 9") for The Year of Living Dangerously

According to her bio on, Anna Paquin has never seen all of The Piano. I wish I had never seen all of Harvey Keitel in The Piano