Help me write an appropriate response to this annoying Facebook posting

My wife’s friend has posted a picture with the following:

Hypocrisy - Demanding that the government stay out of your bedroom and womb… while at the same time… demanding that the government pay… for your birth control and abortions

Now I could write a nice, snarky response, but as it’s my wife (more conservative) friend, I’d rather be somewhat diplomatic. Any suggestions?

Ignore it. You aren’t going to change that person’s mind.

I’d simply go with “That’s an incorrect statement. Nobody is demanding that the government pay for birth control.” And then be prepared to have a lengthy debate about it if the person pushes back.

Oakminster is right that you are not likely to change that person’s mind, but I don’t like letting false statements go unchallenged in public fora.

Well, except for those of us who are pushing for a single-payer universal health care system, of course. But yeah, it’s more likely that she thinks this is a comment on the recent Catholic scerfuffle over insurance companies covering The Pill as if it were any other no copay prescription drug.

Let it go. Pigs, sing. Rats, rat race. Eagle, turkeys. Animal metaphor of your choice, really. But it’s much more likely that this is willful ignorance than an honest mistake looking for facts.

Much more accurate to say “demanding that the governement require somebody else to subsidize your birth control and abortions”

This might help - provided of course that he/she read it, which may be expecting too much.

It’s about the original “face” that the conservatives put on the fight against universal healthcare, and how they had to replace her when she went backrupt; thus forcing the rest of us to cover her outstanding medical bills.

It would also be germaine to point out that gay sex seldom procuces offspring, but you’re begging for a painful backlash if you say it.

I look at Facebook as a place to share your beliefs, not as a debate forum. All you’re going to do is s&hit on someone’s day. There’s no mileage in that.

Now, if they post it on MY wall, or forward:forward:forward it to me and a billion other people, THAT’S just begging for a snarky response.

All I want is for politicians (and others in power) to quit making decisions about MY life, based on THEIR religion.

Dude it’s teh intarwebz. Let it go.

The ‘hide story’ button is a great thing for keeping one’s BP down.

Holy crap! I just now realized the Internet is Chinatown!

Bingo. If you don’t like what someone posts on their own wall, unfriend them. If they push it on you thats another story.

Snort, roll eyes, move on with day.

You’re not going to change her mind. If her posts annoy you, block them.

Maybe it annoys you so much because, deep in your heart, you know that it’s true. :D:D

So…um…ah… are we good with that characterization?

Hypocrisy - Demanding that the government refuse to support Obama’s comprehensive health care package for everyone… while at the same time… demanding that the government increase coverage for your medicare.