Help! Mixed reviews!

Samsung Galaxy 21 FE…good or bad?

It’s bad because it is an Android and not an iPhone. LOL

I KNEW at least ONE person was going to say that THANK YOU for making my day!!! LOL.

I have the S21 and I like it fine. I’ve been a Samsung user for a few phones now though. I think the FE is just a slightly larger screen which seems a little crazy since my phone seems huge already.

If you comment on what people don’t like about it I can say whether it has been a problem for me or not.

Thank you!!

Modnote: No, just no. Don’t be that person. Especially as the first reply.
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Sorry, it was just a joke.

Doesn’t help much, but I have the S20 FE 5G and I like it so far. Best phone I’ve had. (I’ve had both iPhones & Samsungs)

I took it as a joke

Tip for mixed reviews. Look for common themes. One user might say “5 out of 5 stars! The camera is a little weak but everything else is awesome and I don’t make much use of a phone camera anyway.” Another user might say “3 out of 5 stars :frowning: - Although the phone itself is excellent, I wanted something with an exceptional camera, and this phone fails to deliver.”

Both reviews are saying the same thing but get scored differently based on the reviewer’s priorities. You’re not likely to find something quite as clear cut as that, but a careful reading of mixed reviews can generally give you an idea if the item would be good for you or not.

  • Camera mentioned as an example only, I have no idea if this particular phone has a good camera or not.