Help motivate me to keep up my gym visits!

I joined a gym a few weeks ago, because I wanted to start getting in shape again. My first week I did awesome-woke up at 7 every morning, went to the gym for an hour or so, and went to work. Came home, went back to the gym, went to sleep. I lost about 5 pounds from that,another 5 or so from the week before, where Ive been eating a lot healthier. . Ive lost my motivation. I want to sleep in, and go out after work. No more trips to the gym. Im still eating healthy, but the effects arent as noticable.

Dopers, I need your help. Motivate me to get my ass back to the gym!! Remind me how obesity leads to heart problems, and massive health destruction. Bribe me. Flirt with me. Please though, somebody take upon the challenge of encouraging me to stay in shape!

It’s great that you are eating healthier and I commend your effort to go to the gym. But I think you were over doing it. Twice a day is way too much. Once a day is better but 4 or so times a week is probably best.

You say yourself that you aren’t all that motivated, why don’t you get a gym partner (someone who is in a similar situation to you) to motivate and to help motivate you.

But, remember, gyms aren’t for everyone. Maybe you could join a sports team. Do they have mixed indoor netball teams in Boston (maybe even basketball)? That’s a lot of fun and you run around a lot.

Obligatory flirting: But, DAMN, you are looking great!