Help: My ISP is inserting ads.

My cable company (may they burn in hell with their lack of competition) is inserting ads on my internet. They show as a frame on top of whatever it is I am browsing. You can close them but that takes a reload of the page. It doesn’t happen often, but once is once too many. My ad blocker doesn’t block them.

I know it is my cable company and not some other malware because it is all ads for their packages and pay-per-view events.

How can I stop these?

Also I have read that those types of ISP inserted ads are a big gaping hole for hackers. How at risk am I?

When you set up the account, did you have to run an install CD or something? If so, it might have set your browser to point at their proxy server.

Which browser are you using? If you’re using IE8 try restoring it to default settings

Menu -> Tools -> Internet Options

Click on the Advanced tab

About 2/3 the way down you see “Reset”

Change your DNS servers to Google’s servers and see if it makes a difference:

I am running Chrome on W7. I didn’t have to install anything. I have been using Google’s DNS servers since day one (I am a bit of a Google junkie).

As a method of last resort, you might start using Tor. They can’t screw with something that’s strongly encrypted.