Help: Name of Economist? Wrote Book About Groups Making Econ Activity Sticky


A prof I once had told me several times that I’d enjoy a book by a certain economist. I knew that I’d never forget the name, and now I have indeed forgotten it. It starts with an “O” and is not a very common name. He wrote a book about entrenched interests and their effect on economic activity, and, IIRC, published papers on that as well.

I had the class in about '96, so it would have to be earlier than that.

Anybody got any clues.

Maurice Obstfeld?

Maybe Paul Ormerod?

I searched Amazon & it didn’t return any books that looked right. The title of the book is on the tip of my tongue, close enough to cause me considerable frustration.

Thanks, anyway, though!

So, if you weren’t already questioning my sanity, this should seal the deal:

I went to the U of Cambridge Newton library catalogue, put “economics” in for the subject, and sorted the books by author. Result:

Mancur Olson The Logic of Collective Action.

Yeah, Olson – definitely an uncommon surname. :wink:

Ahh, that makes, sense. I was thinking of “sticky prices” which is generally a macroeconomics topic, as opposed to the “game theory” and/or “political economy” avenue you were interested in.