Help needed -Book title

I’m trying to remember the name of the series of books. It involves space travel and neural implants/interfaces that connect people and provides encyclopaedic knowledge. I also recall a medieval world where they make wine (or something similar).

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That’s not much to go on. Any more details at all? Even tiny random ones?


It’s definitely not a great match but a flyer: The Company novels by Kage Baker? Starting with In the Garden of Iden?

Was it Peter Hamilton’s Reality Dysfunction series?


Sorry for the fuzzy details, but it is Peter F Hamilton…off to the kindle I go!

Ah, a great series, but I think

Hamilton really stumbles badly at the end. I was totally digging it - an amazingly well-written and fully-realized universe, with interesting characters and situations - until the last hundred pages or so. Soooo… the Han Solo-like character receives godlike powers and moves all of the inhabited star systems much closer together? Really? Blech.