Help needed from a London doper...

Call it spring fever, call it lame duck blues, call it PMS, but I can’t get my mind off Pret A Manger.

I know they have them elsewhere, but London’s the only place I know for sure they have both Pret A Manger and some Dopers, so…

Could a London doper stop into a Pret sometime real soon and eat a Cheddar and Pickle sandwich for me?


If you’re feeling extra hungry, please also have some salt & pepper crisps and an elderflower & grape soda.

Alternative assignment… go eat something at Pret, then come back and tell me about it.

Surprisingly, according to their website, the only place in the USA that has them is New York City. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow, but hey, it’s not too long of a train ride here, if you want it bad enough…

I would be proud to accept your mission, and will endeavour to communicate my munching experience in a drool-enducing fashion!

I’ve noticed that NYC has some Prets - believe me, I am jealous and sometimes think about a morning train down, lunch, then back. It would be a pretty expensive sandwich, but less expensive than going back to London!

If you do visit Pret, do have something tasty for me.

Thank you! Can’t wait to hear about the results.

/heads off to work, happily imagining that somewhere out there people are eating at Pret.

Mission Accomplished… burp

I had the chicken & avocado salad, salt & balsamic vinegar crisps, a vitamin burst, a vanilla yoghurt thing and a BLT for dessert…

I may not need to eat for the rest of the week, but DAMN that was lovely!

Mail me your address Motorgirl - I have a present for you!

It’s the bill, isn’t it?

That’s not half as bad as what first popped into my head…

Wow - big lunch! I’m giving you a grade of A+ on the assignment.
Plus extra credit for taking a pic I’ve set as my new PC wall paper.

So jealous. Luckily my husband has been murmuring in his sleep about a return visit to England in the fall. ::crosses fingers - only 6 months 'til my own Pret feast::

Better the bill than a sandwich via transatlantic mail.

Did it! I always do what British people tell me to do because their accents make them sound like really smart authority figures. How colonial am I?!