Help needed on searching

How do I search for a phrase rather than a set of words?

I tried to look for threads relating to the book The Case for Christ , using quotes, ie I used:

“The Case for Christ”

but I got a whole bunch of threads with “Case”, “Christ”, “The” etc in them.

How can I look for the whole title?

The and case and for and christ.
I tried it and this thread is on top of the list

The search engine here doesn’t do phrase searches, though. Unfortunately, though, it’s what we’re stuck with, until and unless vBulletin does a better job with it in the next version.


Why does a search for “The and case and for and christ” work? It’s got two search terms with less than 4 letters. If I search “xxx yyyy” I get an error message because “xxx” is fewer than four letters.

rsa - I would guess that the software changes “the AND case AND for AND christ” to a search for “case AND christ”, removing the three-letter words.