Help needed - Who is Glenda Cloud

Hi, everyone. I’m trying to find information on Glenda Cloud, to whom the quote “Change is inevitable. Growth is intentional” is attributed. This attribution is given all over the Internet as if she is someone obviously well known. I’ve found the quote used in papers and attributed to her with a similar assumption that readers will know who she is.

I’ve tried every search engine, library database and biographical dictionary/encyclopedia I know of and there’s no mention.

There’s a similar quote that goes “Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely” by a Karen Kaiser Clark, and I was thinking maybe there was some connection there, but damned if I can find one.

Does anyone know who this person might be? Thanks for any help you can provide.

I suspect, short of a real Glenda Cloud standing up and taking the bow, that this was a mangled, made-up quote some online salesman made up, then stuck a name to. Things multiply quickly on the 'Net.

The earliest incidence of this exact quote, using Google Books, is 1995, in Handbook of Spirituality for Ministers, specifically the chapter written by Paul R. Giblin. Now whether he originated it is doubtful, as he put it in quotes in the book.

Karen Kaiser Clark is a real live motivational speaker, who’s career goes back into the 1970’s. She actually published a book with the title Life is change. Growth is optional either in 1991 or 1993.
All I could find.