Help needed with computer acronyms. Textis, nits,

I’m looking at ads for new computers and can’t decipher: textis, nits, and the term dot pitch.

(These aren’t coming up well in google. Depending how I ask, I get wrong answers or nothing.)

Hi Fanny May
I can help you with dot pitch and nits, but I’m not sure what textis is. Do you have a link to the ad we can look at?

Daizy -

Here’s the link to a scan of the actual catalog page from The word textis has been circled.

Unfortunately, the descriptions at their website are less complete than the catalog.

I suspect it’s a typo.

I poked around nvidia’s site, and they use the word “texels” occasionally. A texel is a texture pixel, which if you are still confused think of it as basically a point on a texture map. Now you’re probably going to ask what a texture map is. A “texture” is just a bitmapped image, like a picture, that is mapped onto a polygon as part of a 3-D image.

A higher number of texels being processed per second equates to a more detailed video image.

Daizy - Thanks for your links.

engineer_comp_geek - I think you are right about the typo. I found a reference there to 1billion texels/sec, which is the same quantity-rate as the typo’s.

New question - CD-RW and CD±RW
What’s the difference? Is one better than the other?

One’s not necessarily better the other, but do stick to one that uses both + and -, if possible. That way, you’ll not mistakenly buy the wrong disks. :slight_smile:

I guess I didn’t follow that.
What I’d want the CD writer for is 2 things.

  1. to transfer information to other people’s machines
  2. to make music discs to play in my car

Does CD-RW do those?
Does CD±RW do those?

The latter seems more expensive.

There is only CD-R and CD-RW. The -R discs can only be written to once, the -RW can be written to, erased, and re-used. Odds are good that your car CD player won’t play -RW but will play -R. Here’s more info .

Shoot! I read too quickly. I thought you were talking about DVD burners.

Can you post a link to what you’re referring to?

If you’re looking to just burn data, music, etc to CD… most any cdrw will do.

If you’re asking about disks… a CDR can be written to once.
A CDRW can be written to over and over again.

Most people use CDR’s. They are quite a bit cheaper.

Perhaps this explains it more clearly?


You’re most welcome Fanny May
Did we help make it clearer? Or just muddy the waters for you?