help re: hernias

Really need some help on this (as the medical personel Ive asked have been less than helpful).
Does anyone know if there is a way to check for hernias OTHER than palpitation (or poking?)?
I mean, some sort of imaging, or even probe that can be used?
So far the only options Ive been given is to do a full operation, and Im not too keen on doing that again. Palpitation has given me different answers depending on the doc that did it, so lets just say that doesnt fill me with confidence as to the results.
Thanks much.

What kind of hernia? My hiatal hernia was easily detected by an upper GI and confirmed by an upper endoscopy. Both proceedures are non-invasive.

This is wierd. I was just about to post a new topic on hernias, and this one appears.

Anyway, I remember reading of some basketball player who had what was referred to as a “sports hernia”, that was only apparent on X-ray. If yours comes and goes, ask about that.

[hijack]Is there some exercises that can be done to prevent hernia? The idea of getting one sets my teeth on edge, for some reason. My dad had one, and I would like to avoid it.

I do crunch-style sit-ups by the hundreds (literally). Will that help?

Any medical-type Dopers who could share receive my undying gratitude.