Help recognising songs from (scant) lyrics!

Afternoon, I was driving home the other day when a couple of songs came on the radio which I quite liked, I committed a bit of the lyrics to memory in each case believing a google search would turn them up…which it hasn’t…I realise the lyrics I have are (very) short but in my defence I was driving…

This is a mainstream UK radio station and I believe each song is recent.

Song 1 - “It’s the Milgram Experiment all over again”

Song 2 - “Love is hard, love is strong, love is the blues”

Song 3 - “Full of the devilish things that we do”

Song 4 - “Forever is gone” (yeah, I know) :smiley:

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

3 is Embers, Just Jack

Don’t know any of the answers, but that’s a lot more to go on than “…*mmm hmmm *Him.”

Great, thanks!


I always check; you can search by lyrics. Anyway, #4 might be either Ablaze My Sorrow’s “The Battle”:

The blood from your veins caress my skin
As my battle against mankind goes on
I will keep on killing
Until mankind forever is gone

Or Dream Street’s “with all my heart”:

I can’t believe what’s happen to me
You stepped right out of my dream
Like nothing i’ve ever seen
and I, will love you
for the rest of my life…
'Til forever is gone

#1 is obviously a reference to the famous Milgram experiment, and there’s a couple of songs about that experiment. Dave Williams’ “Buzzer” is one and Peter Gabriel’s “We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37)” is another.

When you google the words always add ‘lyrics’ and chances are good it will pop up in the search engine. It will link you directly to lyric sites with those words.