Help! Retailer refusing to reimburse for returned items

My daughter ordered some clothes online from a very well known retailer. She decided to return three items a day after they arrived, they were in the same condition in which she received them. Of course, it takes them forever to process her credit, and then she receives an email that they are crediting her account for the cost of one of the items. All three items were returned in the same package, we have the original receipt and the receipt saying they were sent back. We have called 3 times, this has been going on for over two weeks. The weight of the package is on the return receipt, but, of course, their website doesn’t show the weights because I said to them, I’ve told you what was returned, go weigh the stuff and see if it adds up. In a nutshell, they owe her $48 for the remaining two items. She’s 16, that’s a chunk of change to her, hell, it’s a chunk of change if someone has money owed to you. We keep getting the runaround, gives us 2 days or so, let us check the warehouse, etc. My husband thinks someone probably stole the return from the warehouse. Anyway, I’m calling again Monday but it will be same shit, different day. I want her card credited for these items. Any suggestions?

Is there a reason you’re not mentioning which retailer?

If she used a credit card, she may be able to dispute some portion of the charges through the credit card provider. Otherwise, I’d just ask for a manager and see if you can get some help that way.

Or, if they have a local location, you might have better results trying to deal with it in person.

Good Luck to her.

Do they have a Facebook page? If so, start there. Start with mild gentle frustration only! See if that social media thing doesn’t kick in and work in your favour.

Just an idea! Good Luck!

What’s the retailer?

From where I sit, your only option is to open up a dispute with your (or your daughter’s) credit/debit card issuer.

No reason, it’s Forever 21.

She did use her debit card, I guess we might have to see if the credit union will do a chargeback.

Write down what happened as factually and chronologically as possible. Provide copies of whatever mailing receipts etc. you’ve got, and the dates/times/names relevant to your calls if available.

Send this with a request for reimbursement to their corporate headquarters “Attn: Legal Dept.”

It will cost them more to read it than to return your money. When the Returns Dept. gets the message from them - even if all they do is forward the documents over to them - it will be coming from legal and therefore addressed immediately.

Contact them on Twitter, that seems to be the fastest way to get resolution.