Help settle a dispute--which is tackier?

I dunno - the mind-picture of that made me go “Gah!” I think I might have a deep-seated hatred of aqua.

I find the vase worse by far. That said the inlay is only really appropriate in an Indian restaurant.

ixnay on the asevay (imo)

I doubt that either are inherently tacky, although not to everyone’s taste. Velvet Elvises are tacky, everything else depends on your opinion and the setting (well… with the exception of FCM’s mirrors).

I don’t see anything wrong with the vase – if it fits into the overall color scheme.

But the inlay things? Laughably tacky. Yuk. :dubious:

Anything in that inlay style would be tacky unless it was ancient or abstract, and perfectly executed.

The vase doesn’t make enough of a statement to be tacky. The aqua color is marginally out of style, but could be salvaged with enough support. But why bother? It’s uninspired.

So yeah, the inlays are tackier.

Here are side-by-side before and after pics. That part of the remodel took from early August till 2 days before Thanksgiving last year. Everything else we do will be smaller projects one at a time. The yard is a major project in itself, but I’m attacking it bit by bit.

featherlou, the house was built in 1975, and I’m pretty sure that’s when it was decorated. And I’m pleased to say that the chandelier is now in the custody of Cartooniverse - he came to dinner and left with a crystal monster. hehehe

swampy, don’t project your gay perversions :eek: into my wholesome marriage!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

FairyChatMom: I don’t know, the salmon pink color you painted the walls is kind of disgusting. And that old chandelier rocked! Just not hanging from an 8" ceiling in front of blue-veined mirror tiles. The kitchen is awesome, though.

There’s no salmon pink - I’m not sure which you’re referring to. The living room is a pumpkin color - at least that’s what it felt like when I was painting it. The dining room is called (believe it or not) Fairy Dust - it’s a pale peachy-pink color. And I know the furniture in the living room looks terrible. Nothing goes with anything else. We haven’t decided what we want, so we’re making due with the ugly stuff we had, plus the ugly stuff the previous owners left behind.

As for the chandelier - definitely not to my taste. But if you’d been here a couple of months sooner, I coulda sent it to you…

I vote for the vase as the least tacky. However, it does kind of remind me of something you would see in a doctor’s office waiting room or a nice restaurant restroom. In fact, it reminds me of a hotel lobby, like maybe a Holiday Inn or a Drury. Definitely not a Hilton. Yeah, that’s it.

The leopard wood inlay…that is almost tacky as leopard print itself.

The Lakshmi reminds me of the “artwork” at the Thai restaurant I ate at last night.

I can’t say that I like either of the choices. I must quote Mercutio from Act 3 Scene 1.

The vase is definitely the least tacky, but it’s no champion. The big unglazed portion at the bottom just screams that the artist was trying to be arty, either because they didn’t know better or they thought potential buyers wouldn’t know better. The form looks straight from a mold, the glaze from a jar, very little craft in that art. That said, in a room full of lots of stuff it could work.

The Last Supper isn’t the worst inlay I’ve ever seen, but why? There are so many other ways of interpreting the Last Supper that would better communicate it’s meaning. It’s not tacky so much as a poor choice of medium. The Lakshmi inlay is nasty-bad. They should be embarrassed to have done that to a tree, much less wasted time on such a poor effort. So tacky I would hesitate to eat in a restaurant where such dubious decision making is in evidence.

I don’t know about you, but I would call salmon pink a “pale peachy-pink color”. Just call me one of those evil anti-pink people. :wink:

As for the chandelier, I’m set to inherit far more than my fair share of awesome stuff!