Help! Something has eaten my PHP!

I’ve been hosting a site for someone for a while, and he recently started having someone new update the site.

I got an e-mail today that the webmail wasn’t working. I went online and checked it out; every php-related page is turning up a 404 page that links to ‘Parallels H-Sphere.’

Can someone explain what this is? It seems like the new guy doing the updates has installed something that’s usurped php on the site. I can’t see at a glance any new files in the directory. Anyone have any ideas?

It’s nothing malicious, per-se. It might not even be new.

Paralells is a company that has a product called HSphere that runs between the web server (IIS, Apache, etc) and the user to provide some task automation at the admin and user level.

It’s especially handy if you’re a company that sells Web hosting and don’t want to give your users unrequited access to the server but don’t want to sit around changing directory permissions and adding email addresses for them. It gives the end user RESRICTED access, with a GUI, to important server functions.

Seems like your guy installed HSphere and installed it wrong. Not sure how he got permissions to do it…

Do you personally host the site on your own server? Do you own the server?

I host the site on Dreamhost on a shared server. He’s got unrestricted ftp access to his account; other than hosting the site and some occasional design work I don’t do much actual work for him.

I can always try to restore from a back-up, but (long story) but I think there have been quite a few changes made since the last back-up, and that’d be a minor pita.

Gah! I hate it when people don’t know what they’re doing and screw things up (at least I generally know when I’ve made a mistake and to not go somewhere if I’m going to cause a huge mess).